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Football Fun #hailstate

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

While I was getting my bachelors at Mississippi State, I never missed a football game. I even made Andrea stand in a thunderstorm with me for the Egg Bowl in 2003 only to watch Eli and Rebs crush us (remember that Anni? lol) Probably only Mississippians will appreciate this but I was there at the end of the Sherrill era and endured the rein of Croom. We sucked, but there is just something about a college campus and the frenzy of SEC football. When I went to grad school, I thought well maybe University of Tennessee will woo me and I'll have a team to cheer such luck. I couldn't be any less of a Vol. Through and through I will forever be a maroon and white wearing, hailstate yelling, cowbell ringing Bulldog. Now that we have Coach Mullen, he has really connected with the students, alumni, and fans. That makes the experience even more exciting to be a part of!

And I'm afraid I've converted my husband, a Starkville (msu's home) native who has never really had an interest in football. Now, apparently he watches other various teams including pro (which I have no interest in - I just don't get into pro football). 
 During the years we lived in Memphis, we only made it to one or two games a year, mostly Egg Bowls. I actually didn't miss an Egg Bowl until last year when Jonah was teeny tiny, still nursing, and I don't think I could have left him anyway. We did tailgate the rain with a 6 week old? (what exactly was I thinking?)
 This year, we missed the first game while at the beach then we went to the Auburn game, but tickets were really high, so we just walked around campus and watched from the Union and Starbucks.
 Afterwards, we walked around downtown and did a little window shopping. Then, went and visited with MiMi and Poppie for a little bit. It's easier to stay until Jonah's bed time so he just sleeps in the car, then goes on to bed when we get home.
 We went back for the game versus South Alabama, tailgated and actually took Jonah in the game for the first time. He hadn't napped all day because of having so much fun tailgating with his cousins, he slept the first half in a very crowded stadium.
 It cleared out at half time and he had a blast. Yelling with the very loud lady behind us and just people watching!
 It was a late game, so we spent the night and got a little grandparents time in and did a little practice walking!

I'm so happy Jonah is so easy going. I'm hoping when we have more kids, we will still be able to do this stuff. . . but I'm definitely going to need a bigger car.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


PS what do you think of the new look...I'm still adding and making tweaks so I'm open for some thoughts.

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  1. You changed your design! I like it.
    I have never been a huge sports fan, but find it so interesting when others are so devoted. It is really amazing and fun to see.

  2. That looks like a fun time!

    Have a great WW!

  3. Fun fun fun! I totally get the college football thing.... Alabama girl here. Roll Tide! We don't go to games, but I love nothing more than the festivity of football season.


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