The Wilde Olive Blog: Christmas Photo Dump {Part 1}


Christmas Photo Dump {Part 1}

Monday, December 31, 2012

The weekend before Christmas we went two hours up the road for a Clark family Christmas. Of course the most excitement happened on Saturday when the kids and the adults got to tear into some presents! It was kind of a gloomy weekend so most of my pictures were pretty dark but it's about the memories right? So here they are blurry and all. 
All the gifts were a big hit and we only got two boxes confused. With six kids and eight adults, I call that good. This was my nephew Jude's first Christmas and I think his first time opening gifts. This giraffe was a big hit and not just with the 9 month old.
My nephew, Finley, said multiple times so happily that he got not one but TWO things that were on his Christmas list! That sure makes a MeMe happy! =) Love this picture below!
Jonah was equally as satisfied but prefers to eat his presents apparently.
On Sunday we attempted a few pictures. I'll hopefully have a few more of these to share a little later. Just getting six kids to look in the direction of the camera is hard enough, but when it's basically dark outside and you're in a room with gold-toned walls. . . forget it. I need a new lens. This is when I miss my fifty mm lens the most. I really want a 35mm L series Canon, maybe by next christmas I'll have saved up enough to buy one rent one for a few days =)

More Christmas pictures coming up in Christmas Photo Dump {Part 2}


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