The Wilde Olive Blog: Christmas Photo Dump {Part 2}


Christmas Photo Dump {Part 2}

Monday, December 31, 2012

Every year, since I was born maybe, maybe before, we go to my grandparent's house on Christmas Eve. My mother's parents are still around and have multiplied by many. They have 4 children (with 4 spouses), 13 grandchildren (with 8 spouses/significant others), 16 great grandchilren (+ 1 spouse). If I did my math right, that's 48 people. Plus a few extras here and there are always welcome. While not everyone is able to come every year and some have to leave early or come late, for the most part you just go to Grandma's on Christmas Eve. It's just understood. 

Since we did our Christmas with the Clark's the weekend before and weren't planning on doing Christmas with my immediate family until Christmas night, we weren't in a rush, but actually got there pretty early. 

I got to sit with some of my younger cousins who I adore and watch them play cards (a grandma's house tradition - she's never had cable or internet in the country). Jonah got some time to interact with cousins (my cousins' children) who he doesn't get to see that often. 

Emma, Elizabeth, Peyton, Benjamin, and Jonah (not necessarily in that order)

Of course, being in the country with gorgeous afternoon light, I have to break out the camera and my children and his playmates become my models.

Whose cheesy kid is this anyway?! I have NEVER seen this funny little grin.

Getting these three all in one picture. . . it rarely happens. So I'll call it amazing that they were all three at least sitting!

and then, some family shots with my sister Andrea, then I handed her the camera to get some of us.

Andrea, Benjamin, Emma, and Jonathan
Wesley, Jonah and Me

Andrea, NaNa, & Ben


Every year we put everyone's name in a hat/bowl/cup/basket and draw names. So as the afternoon winds down, we call everyone inside to open our gifts. Usually, my grandma and some of the little kids help pass out the presents, then it's every man for himself. 

Usually, it ends with a paper ball fight and the kids playing with their treasures, then clean up, then fireworks by the bonfire for the brave ones. 

Hope, Vance, Sonya, Courtney, Papa Joe
Kelsey, & Jarrett 

So that wraps up Christmas Eve. Next up Christmas Day: Santa and Mae Mae and Connor arrive.
Our Christmas was busy.. can you tell?


You can see Part 1 here.

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