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Fourteen Months

Thursday, December 27, 2012

I wrote this post on December Nineteenth, when Jonah turned 14 months. Just posting it now. 

Last year at Christmas Jonah was so small and brand new. Only two months old.

I was still so brand new at being a mom and talk about emotional. Man was I ever.

I mean I still am pretty emotional. I cry all. the. time. Not just at It's a Wonderful Lifetime, but regular tv shows (hello Glee and Parenthood is the worst), songs on the radio, facebook statuses, and pictures on instagram. It's bad. I think I have a problem.

Back to my point. Last year it seemed like every time I turned on the Christmas station they'd be playing "Mary Did You Know?" That song gets me right in the gut. Never before having a child did I have even a glimpse of what that kind of love felt like. I love my husband so much, I love my parents and my sisters, and everyone else that is so close to me, but loving my little man is just beyond. Think of the things we'll do and go through for them. Oh I am so glad I have experienced this kind of love.

To think that this kind of love multiplied by every hair on our head is how much God loves us is just well amazing. How can that kind of love even be possible? Then to think of Mary and having the ability to give herself and her baby fully to God. I know I would struggle. I do struggle. To be fully reliant on God's plan for  your child is tough. It's heart wrenching to think about one day Jonah will have to make his own BIG decisions and God may take him on a journey that I have never even considered.

So, close to Christmas and after the massive tragedy in Newtown, I am even more aware of how I have to trust fully in God to take care of my Jonah and know that his plan is good. I have to remember that I do not have to fear, or worry, or doubt because God is good.

At fourteen months, Jonah is more active than ever, sweet spirited, a little bit of a little guy, and learning new words everyday. He repeats things that we say just randomly and then seems to never say them again. He's walking, running, and trying to jump like a pro. He gets better at dancing, ball throwing, and developing those fine motor skills all the time! I'll so a more indepth update after his next check up.



  1. Beautiful post! Motherhood has a way of making us feel completely vulnerable and fragile. You are so right about trusting. Not always an easy thing to do.

  2. Enjoy him at each and every stage... they change and grow so quickly and each stage seems more exciting than the last, though that doesn't seem possible. Thanks for sharing your joy.

  3. Loved this post! And I am a walking tear duct since becoming a mother too ;)


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