The Wilde Olive Blog: Let there be snow.


Let there be snow.

Friday, January 18, 2013

I feel like it has literally done nothing but rain for weeks now. That's really what winter looks like in Mississippi. It doesn't get THAT cold usually but the rain is constant. Rain makes me feel cold to the bone and the only cure is hot cocoa and a warm blanket!

After so much of that and pretty much no winter last year, Thursday's snow was a nice little happy moment in the midst of our winter. The sun coming out when it was done made me even happier! Because Jonah had some random fever virus starting Wednesday night, he and I stayed home and just looked at the snow through the window. I snapped all of these either through a window or the screen door before Jonah woke  up yesterday morning.

Now it's completely gone and we're back to just sopping wet. It's suppose to be sunny for the weekend though. I am so looking forward to that!

If this is the only snow this winter, great. If it wants to come back for another 8 hours or so, I'm okay with that too.



  1. Lucky you! I've been dying for some snow here in GA. Doubt that will happen. Great photos!

  2. these are beautiful! i love the last two.


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