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Just a weekend recap.

Monday, February 18, 2013

My little Valentine has been teething like no bodies business and it's a struggle at night but he's been pretty happy during the day! At night, he has trouble going down and then wakes up at some point and is restless for longer than normal trying to get comfortable and fall back asleep. He'll be 16 months tomorrow, so I'll update more later this week, but he has been talking up a storm (even more than before) since we tossed the pacifier. Except when those cousins just jabber on and he can't get a word in! He's at a place where he's too big for the babies but not big enough for the big kids..he's trying to fit in with both though!

Valentine's Day was pretty busy. My sister Maggie and nephew Connor flew in from Colorado, planning to stay for nearly 12 days. On Friday, she wound up in the hospital preparing for an appendectomy. So, I left work a little early to let my mom and dad both be at the hospital with her while I played with these two pantsless silly heads.

 Then (somehow) I was nominated to spend the night at the hospital. Not the slumber we would have liked, but I'm glad I could be there to help! I was under strict orders for no laughing. Fortunatley, it was pretty late so we were able to keep the bathroom humor to a minimum. Even though there were probably plenty of laughable moments. This surgery was pretty similar to my gallbladder surgery a little over a year ago - so I was probably a good person to be there.

All went well and she is recovering at our parent's home for the next week. Please say a little prayer for quick healing - she did fly here by herself with a 2 1/2 year old.

Sunday we had a family day at my parents house and these boys got to enjoy a little play time outside with Granddaddy in the early afternoon.

I just really love to see Jonah continuing to build his relationships with his cousins on both sides. He has occasionally asked for them by name and is learning a lot about family. If you follow me on instagram - you'll see lots of little faces, but I could only find time to post of few shots here from my phone.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


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