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Rise Above Life {Giveaway $50}

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

 I am truly moved by April from Rise Above Life's work and the stories she's sharing.  Today, I want to share her story, her encouragement, and her creativity. Please make her feel welcome and heard, then run (no walking) to her blog and shop to check out the beautiful, inspiring things she is doing and creating. This is her story...

A few years ago, I was ready to give up. My life was becoming too unbearable and I was ready to just throw in the towel. There were good days, when I felt great and was able to do the things that I wanted to, but then it would all start. In my mind, it would feel like I was having a great time when out of the blue, I could feel heavy storm clouds of dark grey depression gathering around me. I wanted to run away, protect myself from the dark clouds, but I couldn't. I could only wait while the storm of depression messed up my life yet again.  It was becoming debilitating. I had family members recommend this herb and that medicine. I was always afraid to try anything new because I had no idea what to expect. I was afraid to talk to my doctor about it because in my anxiety filled mind, I didn't want him to label me as “crazy”. I had a million reasons why I was fine and handling this situation myself. I had every excuse in the book rehearsed.

Then, my world shattered. My son, who suffers from reactive attachment disorder was in major trouble, my husband took a huge pay cut to keep his job and and we ended up losing our home in a foreclosure. The icing on the cake was when my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and I became her primary caregiver. It was too much for me to handle and I fell apart. I had a very dear friend share with me her own story and helped me find the knowledge and courage to seek medical help for the depression.  My doctor was amazing and helped me find a balance of medicine and lifestyle modifications. It seemed to take the majority of the dark clouds out of my life, but I was still having a hard time being happy and at peace with myself.

Ironically, it was in the cancer treatment hospital during treatments with my mom, that I found the other piece of the puzzle that I was missing. The medical issues were being taken care of, but I had done nothing to take care of my emotional and spiritual self. I watched my mom face horrible surgeries and painful treatments. When things were at the worst, she would always pray and thank God for the blessings she had. The hospital staff was so positive and always giving mom and me hugs and words of kindness, encouragement and generosity. It made a difficult time more bearable. The doctors and nurses would constantly remind me that God was aware of our plight and loved us. They would pray with my mom before chemo and her numerous surgeries and we always felt a sense of peace afterwards.

I realized how much I needed God in my life. I went to church every Sunday, but had never taken the opportunity to know my Savior. I found a new sense of strength and hope in my scripture study and in Jesus Christ.  I learned how to let go when the depression would start up and let God take it for me. My life was changed by learning to focus on others and to always be grateful for the gifts in the trials.  I remind myself all of the time that even though my trials are hard, there is always someone worse off than me.

 I started the Rise Above Life blog to share people’s stories anonymously to let others know that they are not alone. Someone else has been there and walked in your shoes before. They have lived to tell about it and can show you the way.  We can encourage each other instead of judging and hurting our family, friends and neighbors.  

The Rise Above Life shop offers digital files of the images that you can print at home or take to the same place you print your photos and then frame.  Rise Above Life also has inspirational message board printable downloads that you can frame and use a dry erase marker on to leave notes to your loved ones.

I told you it was moving! Not only is April offering 1 free download to readers who use the code "tryme" at  but she's giving away two gift certificates for her shop! Please take a minute to enter and send her some encouragement!

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  1. Her site is great, but I really love the "i love you because" message board. So cute and I would love to put it over my daughters bed and incidentally her name is Emma! :)

  2. I love this

  3. There are so many that are just so cute and awesome. A few of my favorites are...

  4. Inspiring story. So happy you have found help and peace, April.

  5. Thank you for sharing this story. It truly is inspiring and offers hope!

  6. Very inspiring, April! I recently ran the Tiny Spark Series on my blog, kind of a similar look at what little bit of light helped us in our dark times. It's amazing how different in size and scale and place and person each "spark" can be, but I'm finding they all boil down to grace :) Thanks for sharing your story!

  7. Very inspiring and encouraging! I think many people will benefit from this story.

  8. i can't imagine being in that place. i am thankful you found hope and strength! this is truly an inspiring story of hope! found you through Project Alicia's wordless wednesday and happy i did. new follower.

  9. I really like the "You Rock" Personalized Message Board - what a great positive affirmation to put over your child's bed - it can be the last thing they see at night, and the first thing they see in the morning...well, maybe it would have to be on the wall ACROSS from their bed in that case, but you get the idea! How right she is that it can be SO helpful just to know you aren't the only person who has ever felt your current emotions. Community building and support is SO important for anyone going through tough times!


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