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so I'm addicted.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Over past few weeks I feel like I've been neglecting this blog. I haven't been keeping up with photos, but I promise there are awesome things coming! I have to admit I have been slacking a little. Want to know why?

I'm addicted to buying and selling clothes on Instagram. seriously.

Dress - Matilda Jane - purchased from an IG Mama Shop

A while back, my sister Andrea and I started talking about starting an online resale shop. Since we started having children, we've shopped consignment shops and sales like nobodies business. It's amazing. I rarely buy Jonah anything new unless its on a super good sale, but I forget that I bought the stuff used because I'm pretty good a weeding through the crap. It's a skill. A well honed skill.

People always ask me about my clothing, where did you get that? or that's so cute, will you take me shopping? Sure, but I got this at Ross or TJ Maxx. To shop those stores you really have to develop a skill for shopping & for finding the cute stuff mixed in with all the clutter. I practiced this diligently in my 20's. Before Jonah, it was mostly about me and home stuff. Occasionally I bought Wesley something. Now, it's all about the baby boy. What do you do though when you find SO  much stuff to buy but it just won't work for us? Sell it for a small profit. Become the personal shopper for many a mama via instagram.

Sure there are consignment shops online, like Thred Up, that are awesome but you just don't find the classic well made baby and toddler clothing that us traditional moms love for our kiddos. So, this way I can pay the consignment store price which is still in the twenty dollar range, love it a little while and then pass it on getting at least a portion of my money back. It's a novel idea I tell ya, but not everyone has the knack or the eye for this type of thing. If you don't well that's where we come in!

In just over 3 weeks or so we've made 350+ friends. I've made one sweep through my closet and decluttered so that I look like less of a hoarder. I love that I can find people out there to love this stuff as much as I do/did.

Tonight we are having a Vintage and Classic Children's Clothing sell. I am so excited! I love everything we have to sell, but obviously I can't keep it all.

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