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What's so great about breakfast in bed?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day. I really do. It's a big deal. Mom should be celebrated. She's the most awesome human in your life. So please celebrate her! 

I wasn't hoping or really expecting much of a hooplah because that's really not my husband's style, I'm usually in charge of all the hooplah around here. So, occasions meant for me are usually pretty low key. That's fine with me. I did get to sleep in but had a terrible sinus headache - my allergies are the worst. Also, Sunday, mother's day or not is the best and the worst day of the week. I really hate that it means I have no more days until Monday and then here comes Monday with all it's manicness and cliche conversations with co-workers that I'm perfectly happy to engage in but really  the day after a holiday I just want to lock myself in my office or better yet stay home! 

never fails husband looks great ONLY in this picture. I look like a crazy person. Happy Mother's Day. 
I have a tendency to feel for the less fortunate, so I'd rather really talk about the sadness and hurt that comes along with a day like mothers day than make small talk over what kind of flowers you got or your breakfast in bed. 

What is it about mother's day and eating in your bed? I can't count how many times I read/heard that over the past few days. What's so great about breakfast in bed? If I do it, then the kid thinks he can do it. Also, I really like cinnamon rolls and pancakes for special breakfasts. I do NOT want syrup or sticky sugar on my sheets. Who is going to clean that up? Me. That's who. So no thank you mother's day. I will eat my breakfast at the kitchen table like a normal human being. If you want to do something special - do the dishes, sweep the floor, OR wash the sheets that you are proposing I wipe my syrupy hands on. 

Just make sure there's water in the Kerug so I can just push the button. That'll be good enough for me! 

In all seriousness I had a great mother's day. I got the sweetest cards and a literal running hug when I got out of bed. Best part of my day is when that baby boy of mine is happy to see me! 

I also got to hang out in the country with my family. Just throwin' rocks and playing hide-n-seek in the monkey grass. More later with beautifully posed Mother's Day photos to follow. 

Have a happy week! 

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  1. So glad you had a great Mother's Day. I can't wait to see the photos! I'm sure they are beautiful. Jackson was not at all in the mood for photos on Mother's Day. I tried to explain to him that it was Mother's Day and it was the least he could do to cooperate for pictures, but he wasn't having it. Ha. Oh well.


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