The Wilde Olive Blog: at twenty one months.


at twenty one months.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I am going to let this Wednesday be pretty wordless. My 21 month old (as of Friday) just needed to be documented for memory's sake. We love hanging out while daddy just does his thing DIYing the crap out of our house. Jonah says "Daddy workin', "I wash daddy work", or "daddy paintin'" and my favorite "daddy workin' on me howss".

 Also, of note this week, "I bouncin'", "me hoppin'", and "I JUMP!" and he does. All day. Everyday.

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  1. Oh my, how adorable!!! I wish Jackson was talking this much. He just turned 21 months this past Saturday and he says a few basic words and a handful of harder words, but he hasn't put any two words together, much less a sentence. I guess they all develop at different rates, but I sure wish he'd start talking so I could understand what he wants and what he's thinking. :-)

  2. Such a great age, they are so curious about everything



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