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Diamond Candle Giveaway

Thursday, August 29, 2013

I have to be honest, when I saw my first Diamond Candle, I was skeptical. I mean you burn the candle and get a ring? It seemed kind of like a claw machine, so much effort (and money) for not much pay off, but then I watched the video and checked out the hash tags and saw the stories and I ate my words. Really I did! See for yourself:

 I was so excited to get this candle, if felt like it took weeks to come (it was actually more like 3 days). Then, I kept lighting it and then we’d get busy and I’d have to blow it out. So, Sunday night I was determined to stay up until I could get that ring out! Forget the claw machine, this was the Power Ball. Of course, it wasn't like I was really expecting millions, I just wanted to know! Then I checked and it was time, so I retrieved it with a small spoon and quickly unwrapped.

Pretty! Nothing extravagant, but I nice piece of costume jewelry. Unfortunately, it's a little too small for my right hand (which is bigger than my left for some reason) but I'm sure I can find someone who'll want it. It's such a pretty shade of green for Fall. Hopefully next time (and there will be a next time) I'll get something with a little more bling or a nice gold ring!

In the mean time, I still have PLENTY of candle left to burn and this thing smells so good! When I burn it, I almost expect to open the door and the leaves be blowing around on the ground in a cool wind. It fills the room, but not so much it gives you a headache. It is such and unexpected treat! It's totally worth buying the candle even if it didn't have a prize inside!

So, look out family and friends, you just might be getting a Diamond Candle for Christmas this year! In the mean time you can win one! Diamond Candle has given me a candle to GIVEAWAY! Your ring inside could be worth $10-$5000! You'd be crazy not to enter.Thanks Diamond Candles!

disclosure statement: I was sent a free candle to try from diamond candles. 
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  1. These really hit the blogosphere this week! Very intriguing and fun!

  2. Loving your blog and photos! Thank you for sharing your review and giveaway. Good luck everyone!

  3. Nice giveaway! Diamond candles are getting more and more popularity these days as most of the couples are choosing this wonderful themed candle to express the love towards their loved ones. It is surprising and pleasing when you blow the candle and you find a hidden diamond ring in it. Even you can customize the candle in your own way as you can choose your own perfect diamond ring and place it in the candle.


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