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Five on Friday. First timer

Friday, August 9, 2013

I'm a little late to the game, but I've been seeing a few of my favorite bloggers do this link up, so here I am on the bandwagon and glad to be here. Five totally random things to round out our week. 

: : ONE: : I mentioned the other day on FB/twitter that I am considering starting to Vlog a little. I have never post a video of myself just talking, so we'll see but it's going to have to wait until next week (see next 4 items for why). I really love watching Vlogs. It just seems to make you feel like you really have a connection with the blogger. You see their mannerisms, hear their accents, and see their face in actual motion. weird right. The judgement though kind of scares me, but you know - I am who I am and I hope to come across real. 

: : TWO : : This is kind of similar to number one, but I'm thinking about doing a little instagram shopping update/review/find kind of post (or maybe I will do it as part of a vlog). I got this H&M shirt from a IG shop last week with two other shirts and some earrings. You really can't beat it, but there are some not so great things I could also share and tips for folks buying and selling. 

: : THREE : : I made my first Brickyard Buffalo purchase last week. I got this Beach Spray from the Gnarly Whale. My hair is OUT OF CONTROL you guys. Like seriously. I really need a cut and a style, but I just keep putting it off. Wearing bun after bun after bun. So, anyway I'm looking to try some new things. We shall see! 

: : FOUR : : Tomorrow is the big day. The day of our handmade street festival sale. There's like a 30% chance of rain right when we are suppose to set up, so lets just hope and pray THAT moves on quickly. We are selling clothes under a tent after all. . .

Other than being super nervous that we will be totally unorganized and crazy, I'm also nervous nothing will sell. More than that I'm super excited about doing something that is totally new and out of my comfort zone.
 I think I might shut this sewing machine down for a few weeks at least afterwards.

: : FIVE : : My niece, Emma started pre-k today. She is so into school and making friends...and basically being better than everybody else. She wouldn't let me take her picture yesterday when I was picking up Jonah and totally made up some story about needing to go because her daddy was waiting on her because they had to talk...or something. She thinks she smarter than me. She's probably right.

Happy Weekend Friends! Thank God it's finally here!


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  1. Your pictures are so beautiful! What kind of camera do you use?
    I love the picture of your little niece. It's so cute how kids think they know everything when they get old enough to go to school! :)
    I think starting a vlog is a great idea! I starting doing videos for my DIY projects and it's pretty fun to switch things up from the writing. I feel all weird and awkward though, so I'm hoping I get better in front of a camera. It's so much different than just taking a picture! You should definitely blog so I'm not the only new blogger to video! ;) I'm sure you can do it, though! I bet you'll be a natural. :)


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