The Wilde Olive Blog: If I have to be stuck in the rain with someone. . . I'm glad it's you.


If I have to be stuck in the rain with someone. . . I'm glad it's you.

Monday, August 19, 2013

a couple of weeks ago when my sister was in town from colorado, we decided to soak up this last bit of summer but heading out to Yogi on the Lake. We went here a couple of times last year and had a blast. This time was no different but that part is for another post (because I took umpteen pictures). About 20 minutes after we arrived, got our sunscreen on, clothes off, and our sweaty selves deep in the pool a huge thunderstorm rolled in out of no where. They made us get out of the pool and since we are so smart we decided we'd just go under this pavilion right outside the gate to the pool.

Then the storm came and kept coming. We weren't in the best shelter, but being out there with these people was better than being in a little game room with ALL of the people.

My kid however, was more excited about the rain and the wind than he was about the pool. He ran around like a mad man. We had to keep him from running out into the rain. I may have bribed him with goldfish at one point.

As for the rest of us, simple sitting and talking did just fine. We kept moving closer and closer together as the wind blew harder. I guess we can check off our family bonding experience for this trip.

more after the rain photos this week. It really is nice just to take an afternoon to just be with the ones you love the most.

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