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Everyday Moments and Embracing the Camera

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I have shared before that I think it's incredibly important to be IN your pictures. Photos of just you or photos with your family, which ever you choose you should be documented. 

I completely understand it but it still makes me kind of sad when parents say "oh no, we just want pictures of the kids". Of course you want more pictures of your kids to show off to the people who see you on a regular basis, but what about your kids? If you have a little one like me, they won't remember how mommy looked when they were babies because well, she's not in any of the pictures. I love seeing pictures of my parents and even grandparents holding their little ones or with big pregnant bellies. Those moments and years are fleeting. There's a connection you can make to a photograph that you can't necessary picture using your imagination. I could go on and on, really I could, but this week there are a couple of bloggers I follow, promoting you getting in front of the camera. 

The theme for today is "everyday moments", so as we were leaving the house this morning and Jonah, instead of whining 'I want you carry me', said "I wan you go put your stuff down an get me" meaning he'd listened all those times when he was whining and wanted to be carried to the car when I told him I'd come back and get him (this is usually because he refuses to put shoes on and we have to walk through our backyard to the car). He's made this a routine to get a little extra mommy hold me time (and make me even later getting in the car). I usually sneak in a few kisses and attempt to get a photo or two of him every morning because these little moments are what makes the hustle and constant tail chasing all worth it.  

When's the last time you post a photo of you just doing you?

All photos taken at arms length with my iPhone 4S (yeah that's why they are so blurry) 
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  1. Aw! You got some really sweet shots. These kind are my favorite!


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