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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

This is my unmanageable story. 

Since I was a little girl, probably fourth or fifth grade, I have been obsessed with my hair. It's really thick and frizzy. I live in a super humid climate and that only makes it worse...BUT I have always gotten compliments on my hair because of it's unique color, thickness and I have always been able to find some way to manage it. Straightening irons, curlers, creams, washing it the night before and sleeping on it so it would flatten out a little (ha! yes that was my plan for most of high school). This hair is hard work I tell. Just ask my mother. I think she spent every morning of sixth grade straightening and defrizzing my hair with old school straighteners and curling irons. 

 However, recently or more specifically since I became pregnant with Jonah and especially since giving birth two years ago my hair has seen some of it's darkest days. I let it grow long and hardly cut it. I love having long hair, but what's the point when I just don't want to deal with it and it winds up in a bun or ponytail everyday? To add insult to injury, somehow when going through my post baby shed, my hair became more and more wavy. So much so, that I really couldn't even get parts of it straight without major work. My hair was down to my waist at this point.I was wearing it in a bun to work every morning because I had no time or energy to deal with it. Plus, really long hair and a hip baby is annoying!

  So, a couple of months ago I decided to cut it. I was going to get several inches off anyway, so I thought why not cut enough to donate - so I did. It is much more manageable now, but I still RARELY straighten it. Which I'm fine with because I've found a product that helps me manage and style it waves and all. So, I thought I'd share it with you all here!

Crack Styling Leave-In Treatment with UV and Thermal Protection, 2.5oz //  Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo -- 7 oz

I do not wash my hair everyday. Unless, I've been rained on or gotten it really dirty somehow. On the mornings or sometimes nights when I wash it I typically use a clarifying shampoo and Coconut Milk Conditioner. Let it dry in the towel a few minutes. Then add a very small amount of Crack from ears down, then I kind of smooth the rest over the top of my head with what's left on my hands. I sometimes use a brush and a hair dryer on my bangs just so they kind of behave. Then I let it air dry. 

It's typically pretty soft and nice and wave. If I sleep on it a little wet, the next morning I use a small curling iron to fix some of the flatten or frizzy parts. This takes me 5 minutes - tops. 

On the days I don't wash my hair and sometimes even in the evenings. I use Clean Freak. This is the BEST Dry Shampoo I have tried and I have tried a lot of them... from the cheapest to the twenty dollar travel sized bottle. I've had at least three of these over the past several months and I've never had one clog. Many times my day two and sometimes day three hair winds up in a pony tail or bun, but I still need my bangs and roots to look fresh. Clean Freak does the trick! Trust me. 

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  1. I will never understand how some people can go days without washing their hair! Mine is greasy after one day of not washing it!

    1. I think it just really depends in your hair type. My husband is like that! His scalp just produced more oil naturally. I guess mine is moderate but my hair is dry and frizzy toward the ends. Which is why I use the dry shampoo. I use it sometimes at the end of the work day if I'm going somewhere in the evening!


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