The Wilde Olive Blog: Sometimes being a parent is rough...


Sometimes being a parent is rough...

Thursday, October 3, 2013

...this has been one of those weeks. 

For the most part, Jonah is a wonderful child. He is happy a lot, plays well by himself and with others, he shows us love and affection constantly and is pretty easy going, BUT there's that ten or fifteen percent of the time that just overwhelming. Sometimes I feel like it overshadows all the good in the every day. Wednesday morning he cried about everything. From not wanting to wear shoes to the cup I put his milk in to wanting to play with my keys instead of me cranking the car. Almost two year olds are ridiculous by the way. In a lot of these situations I just laugh at how ridiculous his requests are and go on about my business tuning out the whining, but when they are one after another...Mama has been known to lose her cool. 

I really try not to complain about parenting because I chose it and I LOVE it. I have always wanted to be a mom and having this guy has made my life so much better. Sometimes though, I feel myself growing more and more impatient with him and I hear myself using my louder-than-normal serious voice too often (okay maybe it sounds kind of like yelling) and then when I've completely had it I threaten time outs and spankings. Then I think wow, I am doing this all wrong. I start reminding myself to be patient and talk him through whatever it is and show him the right way. I should lead by example and at that I am failing miserably. 

Lately, Jonah has been saying things that make us crazy, but he's repeating things exactly as I say them to him. If he wants something he says what he wants and follows it by "right now". "I want my milk in that cup, right now!"  When changing his diaper "let go of me, Right Now!" Hmmm.. wonder where he heard that. "Jonah, stop hitting the wall with your golf club right now before you go to time out."  "Jonah sit down in your chair, right now." While the things I say are in a different context and the meaning of right now is a reaction to a danger or possible hole in wall, his little brain can't decipher the difference. So maybe I'll try to replace my words with better ones, but really I think it's just something we have to wait out for now, because when I ask him or say please I get nothin'...crickets. Don't even ask him to say sorry because that is not happening. Not because he's not capable but because in the moment he refuses. Welcome to the terrible twos?

No matter what though, he has my heart and I'd take all day of crazy over none! So, here's to recalling all the sweet hugs, kisses and I love yous I got this week because those are what really matter. Right?! 

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  1. This post is so true. I can totally relate. Jackson doesn't say very many words at this point, but one of his new favorites is "mine". He's also started pointing and yelling at us when we say no or he doesn't like our answer. :-( Ugh, it seems as though the terrible 2's start early.


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