The Wilde Olive Blog: Interviewing a Two Year Old - a sort of vlog fail


Interviewing a Two Year Old - a sort of vlog fail

Friday, November 15, 2013

Sooo, almost a month ago now, Jonah turned two. I had this plan where I was going to do a video interview with him and ask him questions a just KNEW he could answer. So, after his party, all the excitement and sugar and pizza I made an attempt. Here's the best of it.... enjoy. 

A few things: the basics. his name is Jonah Clark. He wanted his pizza and just to wave at himself. When he's tired, he can't stop moving or he might just fall asleep...I was the victim of his bouncy feet. 
It's weird that my house is reversed in the video

I used magisto's free service to create this video. . . it's really cool. You can do it from an app also and share to Instagram, Facebook, etc. 

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  1. Cool idea. I like the last few seconds where you look like you're giving up. :)

  2. Oh I love it! He's adorable. I had no idea about that app I'll have to check it out.

  3. LOL I love this so much!! Exactly what would happen to me if I attempted this with Easton. Or even Bennertt for that matter. lol


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