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Friday, December 6, 2013

In my 31 Things I'm Thankful for post, I mentioned Jonah's "Wilderness" referring to his middle name - Wilder. With the instagram #twoyearoldterrorist posts and my terrible twos post, I thought I'd write a little bit about how perfect his name is for him and how we've seen it manifest to the extreme the past few weeks!

When most people name their child, they want it to mean something. Be it, a traditional family name, biblical, historical or just a name they've loved for one reason or another. Before I was pregnant with Jonah, I'd sometimes doodle baby names, putting names together with our last name and playing around with initials, etc. At some point in all of that the name Jonah came up - meaning Dove which is a symbol for peace. Perfect! Plus it's not too common, but everyone knows how to say it/pronounce it and all that good stuff. After I was pregnant, it came back up with several other names. Then Jonah just stuck.

When it came to his middle name, I liked the idea of it being a W so he would have the same initials as his dad and my grandfather, who's name is just "JW". We finally settled on Wilder and I realized that the juxtaposition of dove and wild were a great match.

Boy oh boy were we right!

Quite a few times over the past month, I've gotten unsolicited kisses, sweetness snuggles on the couch and I wub yous out of nowhere. Then before I know it, a storm rolls in and I have no clue what has hit us. His emotions take over beyond his ability to reason and there's screaming, running, jumping, and fitful twisting and kicking. Yes, he's a typical two year old, but his Wild(er)ness up to this point has been fun and silly (albeit scary at times) including things like climbing, jumping off of things, running full speed and jumping into a pile of pillows, balancing between furniture. These have been the things that have made me use my mom voice "Jonah WILDER". Two is whole new level of wilderness.

 and then just like that he's back to my sweet peaceful boy, kissing boo boos, asking me to take his picture and brushing my hair.

Isn't it funny how a name you pick before you really "meet" them just fits so well?!

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  1. I love names and I think the meanings behind the names you picked for him are really cool. The contrast is perfect. I can relate to the behavior with my first. I'm don't think the meanings behind his first and middle name fit quite as well. I spent months picking names and meanings I loved and Andy shot most of them down. Even "Wyatt" he shot down the first time I brought it up when I was pregnant with D. "Dylan" was a name that just popped in both of our heads the day we found out we were having a boy. We gave him Andy's middle name and Wy has my maiden name as a middle name.

    I loved this post. I don't comment enough, but I love your blog. You're so creative and you inspire me!


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