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Two Years and 3 Months Old.

Monday, January 20, 2014

I realized about two months ago that I never published an official Two Year Old update on Jonah. I attempted a little video but it didn't go so well and we got busy, so I just never got around to it I guess. Since he turned 27 Months yesterday and I took loads of pictures of him in the park yesterday morning, I figured now is as good a time as any!
"Two year Check Up! 28 pounds and 34 inches tall and so smart I can't even stand it!" from Instagram Oct. 24, 2014 Well Child Visit with Dr. Storey
 This bumped him up to around the 45th percentile for the first time ever. He had typically hung around the 10th/15th, but I decided about a year ago that I wasn't going to be concerned over percentile ranking and to trust myself to know that he's healthy instead of comparing him to an average. His weight hasn't changed since October and he actually weighed a little less than that at a sick appointment after his well child. He may have grown an eighth of an inch or so though. It feels like he's hit a point where the rapid growing has slowed down some. Just before he turned two it was like he skipped two shoe sizes and was rapidly growing too tall for his pants. 

He still wears some 24 month pants and shirts, but is mostly in a slightly baggy 2T and about a Size 7 shoe. I hope he stays there for a while (at least until it turns warm). 

He has started asserting his fashion sense even more recently. Mostly in regards to any kind of jacket or hat. He's just prefers to wear his jammies. . . or just a diaper. 

Speaking of diapers, we are still full-time wearing those. I wrote a post here probably 9 months ago about him using the potty and being all gung-ho and ready... or not. Two weeks later, we hit a stand still. The novelty had worn off and he'd just rather wear a diaper. We ask him daily about using the potty and let him "try on" his big boy underwear every once in a while, but he just doesn't seem too interested. I guess that's one of our big goals in the next six months or so. *fingers crossed* something clicks! 

Recently we had this conversation: 
J: "Mommy, change Mickey's diaper" hands me a tiny Mickey Mouse while standing in front of the changing table. 
S: "I don't think Mickey wears a diaper baby, he goes potty"
J: "I go potty"
S: "You do?"
J: "I go potty..den I change my diaper"


His language and memory skills blow my mind daily. I think he's going to be smarter than his dad and I combined... maybe I'm a little biased. I am so proud of him when he can sing a whole song and remember most of the words even when we haven't heard the song in a while. He just started singing jingle bells in the car today and said "I not member that horse" which meant he couldn't remember in a one horse open sleigh. He went on to tell me he needed a picture or a book to help him remember the words. Visual learner? Who knows?

He loves to tell stories and recount our days with every little jibber-jabbered detail and I just love to listen! He's really into things being his favorite lately - so I decided to take a minute to write it all down.

When we sat down at the table tonight while daddy cooked dinner, we asked him a few questions and I wrote down some of the answers.

What's your favorite toy to play with when you are at NaNa's house? Puzzle!
What's your favorite toy to play with at home? Food (I asked him to clarify and we think he was talking about his play kitchen food).
Who is your best friend? Carleigh (a little girl in his class)
Who is your best buddy? Benjamin (his cousin who he constantly fights with!)
Who else do you like to play with? Nonny aka NaNa
What's your favorite food? I not member
What kind of shoes are your favorite? TOMS!
What do you like to do outside? Play and Kick Balls
Favorite song? be patient...let me have that pen
Favorite Tv Show? Mickey Mouse
What do you like to sing? ABC's (and he does!)
Favorite Book? Mickey Mouse book (later he went and got the Christmas one and showed me)
Favorite Animal? Horse That's what I said at school.
Favorite Color? Ice
Favorite Dog? Rwari Ari
Who is your favorite mommy? Daddy

and now I can't stop laughing at that little stinker.

He's finally getting big enough to play on some of the playground equipment at our park and we had it all to ourselves for a little while yesterday. He wanted to go higher and higher on the swings. He wanted to slide all by himself and climb climb climb. Seeing his innocent joy and the world through his wondrous world view is a blessing every day. It's funny how parenthood ages you, but at the same time takes you right back to childhood. 

Being two isn't easy and some days are really hard, but the purely joyful moments makes this age something to cling to and cherish. When we are out in restaurants and stores people usually love Jonah (most of the time) an older gentleman sat next to us on Friday night at the restaurant down the street and as he got up to leave he just started talking to Jonah and saying how precious he was. Then on Saturday in Walmart, as he said hello to almost everyone we passed, I couldn't help but laugh and beam with pride because my little boy just made all those people smile, especially the lady who stopped to watch him pick out the carrot juice.

Keep on being you kid! You are pretty great!

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  1. About the potty training...a couple of my mom's kids were older than two when they potty trained, because after battling it out with me she decided to just wait. Once they were ready, it took a total of about three days. Here's hoping Jonah does the same thing...soon! :)

    1. Totally agree with Heidi. I, personally, don't feel it's worth pushing it. Each child is so different and when they're ready, you'll know and it's worth the wait.

  2. He is just getting so big!! Sounds like such a sweetie, too!! Love all of these shots of him! xoxo

  3. I love that age, too. There are tough moments, but there's so much joy and everything's so special. These pictures are amazing. I love playground shots. Looks like a gorgeous park!

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