The Wilde Olive Blog: Bump Update: 14/15 Weeks and my first belly photos!


Bump Update: 14/15 Weeks and my first belly photos!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I have to preface this post by saying, this is totally superficial, but I really need to work on my "bump pose". I'm not a huge fan of photos of myself anyway, but making this 14+ week belly look like a baby bump requires proper arm positioning and head tilt that I just don't have down yet. . . 

Baby's Gestational Age: 15 week on Friday (April 11). Approximately 4 inches long and about the size of an Apple. 
Symptoms: Reflux, but it's much more manageable these days. I just feel kind sick after I eat, so I am keeping to smaller meals. I have been having a hard time getting enough protein - it tends to make the reflux worse - but I have to have it because of my gestational diabetes diagnosis. I am open to suggestions! Other than that just some back pain and a few other unmentionable gi issues. 

Maternity Clothes:  Starting to wear them more! I just REALLY want to be comfortable, so I'm mixing them in with some of my more loose fitting clothes for work. I also got a new Stitch Fix this week with some new stuff I can wear! I will probably post more about that next week. 

Gender: All will be revealed sooner than later! Stay tuned...

Sleep: Pretty good so far. I have trouble getting comfortable and falling asleep but that's not all that new for me. I plan to break out the Snoogle soon. It was a life saver when I was pregnant with Jonah. 

Cravings: I've been wanting to eat more the past week but still no strong cravings for specifics. 

Thinking Names: I still can't even go there yet! 

Laughable MomentsIt's funny how pregnancy brings up conversations you just don't normally have with people. Like the very serious and not laughable at all discussion that happened on Monday night about my GI issues... with multiple family members.. in my mom's kitchen. 

Hard Moments: At our appointment on Monday, the nurse couldn't get a good reading on the handheld doppler needless to say she could get an excellent reading on my heart because it was pounding so hard. Thankfully, we quickly went down to the ultrasound room and found a hiding baby with strong heart beat!

Nesting:  Starting to think about things we are going to need this go around. New crib mattress, a better rocking chair or glider, carrier/wraps and car seats are on the top of my list! 

Best Moments this week: Feeling better! 

Looking Forward To: Sharing our gender reveal with all of you! I am hoping to do something special to capture this weekend and would love suggestions from you all! 

Movement: On and off I feel little jabs and flutters, no consistent patterns yet!  

On Mommy's Heart: Today, I have been talking with a friend who is due with her second baby next month. She's having this baby in Boston, her first was born here in Mississippi. Needless to say depending on where you are in the country, labor and delivery practices can vary greatly. So, we've been talking birth plans and I have been actually thinking about this a lot lately. Jonah's birth was great, but knowing what I know now, I may have asked for things to be done a little differently. So, I have been asking questions here and there and coming up with my list of questions to talk to my doctors about when it gets a little closer to time. I am in no way an all natural, holistic birth kind of person, but there are simple things that I'd like to avoid and some extra medical steps I'd like to be taken that I didn't really know to ask for last time. So, I'm thinking of coming up with a written birth plan if for no one but myself to be reminded of what I feel is best for us and so I don't forget what I want to ask while I'm still in the fog of giving birth. I realize that at any point a birth plan can go out the window and I am fine with that. A lot of what I want to put in it is postpartum anyway. 

Did you have a written birth plan? How was it received?

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  1. You look so great, that color is fabulous on you! Hope you're feeling better and stay that way! I had "birth goals" vs a plan. I find sh*t can hit the fan and our plans go I felt better just having goals but being flexible so that if my goals/"plan" wasn't met I wouldn't be too disappointed.

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