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Preparing Big Brother & Our Family Gender Reveal

Thursday, April 24, 2014

If we are friends on facebook, instagram, or twitter you may have seen that I have been sharing a little more about Jonah's reactions to my pregnancy and "baby brudder" here recently. I just can't help but share the cute, sweet and heart melting things this kid does. I know I'm his mom, but it makes me feel so wonderful that he's at this stage where his heart is JUST SO open! I don't know if all two and half year olds are like this, I hope so, but this kid says I love you without hesitation. He loves the people in his life so freely and that has begun to include baby brother. It makes me even more excited for the future with two boys. 

The other night he asked me where exactly baby brother way in my tummy and when I pointed he kissed the exact spot night night. He'll ask "where is my baby brudder?" and say things like "when my baby brother comes out I'm going to give him my bicycle shirt" (this was prompted after we talked about that snoopy shirt he was wearing in the last Catch the Moment 365 post) and "he's getting bigger, bigger, bigger" with arm motions included. I almost didn't include this little snippet but on Tuesday night, he was in a particularly silly mood and asked the where is baby question and then proceeded to point to my boob... and when I said no silly, he kept poking me and saying he was in there and laughing. It WAS pretty funny, but totally inappropriate right? I wish I could video these moments... 

Anyway, I wanted to share with you all our original gender reveal photos on the day we found out the baby was a boy. I explained this in our Confetti Egg Gender Reveal:   

"We were not expecting to find out at our last appointment BUT when the Doppler wouldn't pick up a clear audible heartbeat, my nurse sent me down for an Ultrasound. No waiting - straight in. Thankfully, after much heart pounding anticipation on my part there it was nice and strong... Whew. So, I turned to my husband and attempted to ask him if he wanted to find out today or maybe see if they could see gender and write it down. Since becoming pregnant, I have kind of wanted to do something special for a gender reveal. We didn't do that with Jonah and since I think this might be my last pregnancy, I wanted to do it this go around, BUT that dang husband of mine completely ignored my voice and stared at the big tv screen in front of us, using his knowledge of what to look for and said what he thought the sex was before the US tech could even say anything. So, all that planning - out the window. Oh well! It was still exciting. We left the doctor and I texted my mom and sister who was in town visiting from Colorado that we knew and that I wanted to have a little gender reveal that night and Skype with my in-laws, etc. So, they threw together a little family get-together..."

We grilled hamburgers and had appetizers and the kids played. It was nice since my sister was leaving in a few days. I wasn't feeling all that well, but I'm glad I stuck it out anyway. From about lunch time until I got there, my mom and sister and the kids made little pink and blue decorations with construction paper and stuff they had around the house. I was really impressed how sweet it was! They even had a guessing jar and put up pictures of one of our early sonograms. 

Our plan was to let Jonah open a wrapped box of balloons. I made it clear before hand that Blue meant Boy and Pink meant Girl. He's been doing really well with colors lately - so I thought maaaybe he'd get it. I also explained this to my niece (4) and nephew (3.5- he didn't really care I don't think).  So here is a bazillion photos, because like I said yesterday, I am horrible at narrowing it down. The photos where I'm pointing and making spirit-like fingers are me asking jonah what color and what that means. He got the color right and was super excited that it was a baby brother. Although, he had guessed a girl. We were Skyping and being photographed along with an audience of my whole family on the patio.

As it was all happening I notice everyone kind of trickling back into the house, because it was time to eat, but then my brother in law pointed out how upset my niece, Emma, was about the whole thing. She is the only girl of what will be five grandchildren come October and had her heart set on this baby being a girl. How do you explain to a 4 year old that's out of your control? You don't. You just promise her lots of girls days where she's the only little one that gets to go. Oh and I may have said she can dress him in princess gowns. Since that night we've had a few very serious conversations about the baby, including how big he is growing according to the blown up sonogram photos my mom has and how he really makes my tummy hurt. 

The best part of the whole thing... 4 kids 4 and under and 4 balloons. Entertainment for days.  

If you can't tell, we are pretty happy to be boy parents. I'm pretty sure Wesley was just plain relieved. I have to say though, it really makes me think about whether or not this is really my last pregnancy. I think the first trimester amnesia is already setting in. . .

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  1. Boy Moms Unite!! I'm excited for you because I also have two boys and I think it's the best thing ever....also the only thing I know. LOL! Congrats!

  2. awe, this gender reveal is cute! I do feel a little bad about your niece, poor girl haha

  3. Wow!That's such a blessing. Now Me & my husband are planning for a baby girl after our first child. helps future parents,couples and parents to have a baby of their desired gender.


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