The Wilde Olive Blog: My latest Stitch Fix was almost a complete fail.


My latest Stitch Fix was almost a complete fail.

Monday, May 19, 2014

In an attempt to always be honest here, I want to share with you my last Stitch Fix and how I felt about it. I have given pretty much rave reviews of this service and have convinced many a family member and friend to try it over the past year. I get so excited when that box shows up at my door, but this time I did not hear the angels sing. I have to say when I saw the items for the first time, I was completely disappointed. I felt like I have been getting the monthly fixes long enough and have been getting feed back from stitch fix when I post them here, that I did really even request specific things just kind of assumed that by now they had my style down. In the comments of my last three orders, I discussed how the dresses were all too tight in the chest. I even upped my cup size on my profile (because pregnancy duh). Well, in this fix I received three loose fitting tops (which I had requested "mostly loose fitting" due to pregnancy), a dress, and a necklace. 

I am thrilled with getting three tops in a fix because it usually gives me a variety to choose from, however, these three tops were pretty much the same top in different colors/patterns. None of them had shoulder seams, meaning that if one didn't work, none of them would work on my body. The dress was really cute but again too tight in the chest. The necklace was cute but it was the shape of the state of California and said "california". Maybe it's just me, but I didn't get it... why would I wear a necklace that showed state pride for California? Nothing against California, but I would have loved one that said Mississippi. I just kind of felt like very little thought went into it or maybe I was just in a bad mood. 

The next day my sister stopped by and I tried on the top below for her and decided to keep it. I love the colors and the style, but I don't LOVE how it fits me. I struggle with my arms "looking big" I really didn't want to waste my styling fee though, so I bought it and let them know what I thought about each of the items in my feed back. I have actually worn this top a few times. 

So, will I be cancelling future fixes? No. I have decided to get at least one more this summer and then I will probably hold off until after the baby is born in the Fall. Getting these boxes is addicting and I still LOVE the service. I think this was just a lesson in voicing my opinion and asking for what I want/need!

Am I doing the right thing by giving it another chance? I hope so!


  1. FWIW, I don't think the shirt makes your arms look big whatsoever. I think it was a great choice to keep and I'm glad you're going to keep up the service!

  2. I agree with Courtney! So sad you were disappointed with this one!


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