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Advertising, Sponsored Posts, Redesign + Discounts!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Over the past year I have had peaks and valleys with advertising here on my little corner of the internet. I know some people don't love sponsored content, but I always try to be genuine and share things that I actually like. A bonus to working with ad networks like Linqia and Social Fabric is they give you inspiration on things to blog about that wouldn't normally just pop into my head. They also give you feedback and help you meet your goals. Writing a good sponsored post that the advertiser really likes gives me confidence in my abilities and reminds me of what I do in real life - talk about the newest product, style, or baby gear with my mom, sisters, girlfriends and co-workers. 

I was even in Target last weekend on the aisle with a couple who were discussing some purchase and the woman said to her husband (presumably) that she'd read about it on "this blog" not THIS blog but something like "I saw it on this blog" not an exact quote, but she indicated that a blog is where she learned about whatever they were talking about. Man that was harder to explain than it was in my head.I couldn't help but smile to myself and wondered if the woman wrote a blog herself or maybe she found it on pinterest. I should have asked her, but she would have been like - why is this pregnant crazy redhead talking to me?

So, back to my point. Advertising on the internet is one thing, but putting your ad or your product on a blog is a whole other ballgame. You are getting personal support from an individual who has readers that know her. You are getting a personal endorsement from a mom, wife, shampoo user, car driver, dinner maker, play date planner and grocery shopper. What better way to really get your product out there?

When it comes to the blogging world, we wouldn't be anywhere without the support of each other. Most of us have a blog because we read blogs. We support small business because we are small businesses. No that doesn't describe every blog out there, but it describes this one, most of the blogs I read and advertise on, and a lot of the fellow bloggers that read Behind the Camera and Dreaming. We want a place to put our memories. We want a place to connect with other moms who are like minded. We want a place to pour our passion. We want a place to find new opportunities and broaden our horizons. If that's you and you don't have a blog, you should start a blog too.

This is getting long winded, but I said all of that to say that my passion for this space continues. There are times it wanes - like in the first trimester of pregnancy - ouch BUT as you may have noticed, I have revamped this space and it feels like it has new life. It is growing, still! Thank you to my designer The Fairy Blog Mother for making this space look simple, neat and awesome.

As a part of this new look and revamp. I am reopening my advertising spots on the side bar and within the blog posts (which will be approximately the size of the minted. ad at the bottom of this post). I have the mobile view turned off - so they will show on all devices! Check out the Advertise link at the top of the page for more information and to purchase!

and since we are celebrating 25 week of pregnancy tomorrow, I am offering 25% off any spot with unlimited uses! Use code "25WEEKS". I will also be offering a limited special through the end of the week if you visit the Behind the Camera and Dreaming Facebook Page, like it and read for further instruction! 

I am so looking forward to working with all of you dreamers out there!


  1. Stopping by for the first time from Sits! I totally agree with you regarding bloggers supporting one and another. I've learned so much from blogs. I hope that people can learn from mine as well. I don't mind sponsorship posts, as long as they're honest.

    1. Great feedback! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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