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Bump Update | 25 Weeks

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

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Baby's Gestational Age: 25 Weeks (6/20/14). He measured about 2lbs 1oz on 6/23/14 coming in at the 81st percentile. This actually really took me by surprise. 

Symptoms: Still starving. Lots of aches and pains in my pelvic area as well as in my right hip and tail bone. Yesterday at our scan, the US tech couldn't get a good picture of his head because he is so far down hiding against my pelvic bone. This was not news to me really... I feel him move and automatically have to pee. I stand up and shift weight downward, have to pee again, I stand for long periods of time and I am absolutely aching to sit down or lay down. 

Maternity Clothes:  I still have a little struggle with this. I don't have enough dresses long enough and maternity pants just do not fit me! I have a few pair but I have trouble keeping them up and not too saggy in the hip/bootay area. It seems strange to me that I have this big ole belly and have to go down sizes to find maternity pants. 

Gender: Boy! Confirmed for a third time now. . . He may hide his head, but doesn't mind showing off his manhood. 

Sleep: Frustrating. I have entered the I'm so tired, I can't sleep part of pregnancy. I will be sitting on the couch trying to edit photos or write a blog post and completely fall asleep, get up go to my bed and lie there for an hour and half. I am always up in the 2 or 3 o'clock hour then again around 5. Mostly to pee or Jonah wakes me up since he's been a little sick but then I always have to make a trip to the bathroom. 

Cravings: I am just hungry. All the time. I have been wanting to eat just whatever, but have had a few higher blood sugars lately, so I really need to be a little more strict, especially since the baby is on the bigger side. 

Thinking Names: I think we are getting close. So far we are sure his last name will be Clark. lol 

Laughable Moments: Reading this post from Discovery Street I am not there yet but can totally relate! I have also been seeing all these tutorials for literal donut pillows  and can't help but think this is a necessity for other reasons than cute decor. 

Hard Moments: Doing it all and nothing being done. I feel like I have just a short time left before this baby arrives with all the wonderful and hard responsibilities but I'm not prepared. There are so many projects I just want finished and I want to be in a place where I feel good giving all my attention to a new baby and to my older baby but I'm just not there and at the end of the day I'm sore and tired and short on hours. 

Nesting: I have been sorting through clothes, some new and things Jonah wore. Kind of like I said above, it's making me want to get things done but it's really hard to find the time and the energy. 

Best Moments this week: My husband almost agreeing to a name.

Looking Forward To: Getting some projects finished around our house, so baby boy can start moving in. 

Movement: He is almost constantly on the move. I can't remember Jonah being this active. If this is any indicator, we are in trouble for sure!  

On Mommy's Heart: Finding balance. Summer brings so much opportunity for great adventures and time with family and I feel drawn to those things. To just enjoy the time and spend the summer showing Jonah what it's all about, but then I find myself regretting not spending time working on preparing for this baby to come. I know I sound like a broken record, but I'm having trouble regretting not getting more done on the weekend and the same goes for not doing the fun stuff when the opportunity arises! 

This feels like it was a really depressing complainy update, but I guess, honestly it's just where I am this week. I just want there to be more time in a day and at the same time, I want it to be October and to have a tiny baby in my arms!

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  1. I thought the same thing about those donut pillow tutorials! Lol


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