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Catch the Moment 365 | Week 22

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Even though I feel like we've had a really challenging and tiring week, looking back at my sweet boy makes me remember the best of it all. I am so glad I chose to capture our lives this way. This week has been pretty much all about my little guy. 

148|365 NaNa and Granddaddy brought Jonah back an IKEA train set from Colorado and he loves it. I also can't believe how quickly he's picked up how to put it together on his own. 

149|365 We went to a birthday party for a co-worker/friend/photography client of mine back on Memorial Day weekend and Jonah got the cutest favor - this Captain America mask and wrist band which he just calls Super Man. He asks me to put them on and this day he told me he wanted the thing on his back like the birthday boy had. Meaning he wanted a Batman Cape like Cooper wore at his party.. so I promised I'd sew him one but for now we'd use a blanket. He was so cute. Jonah's not REALLY into super heroes yet but he's all about "to the rescue!" Oh my heart! This picture is so grainy, but I couldn't help but share anyway! 

 150|365 We are still in the midst of potty training. He's doing so well, but I get so discouraged when we have a big set back. It's been a super tiring week which has resulted in some behavioral issues that cause him to do not so well in going potty. I want to write a whole Potty post, but things change daily so I feel like maybe I'm not ready to write it yet! I am super proud of how far he's come.

151|365 Daddy and Jonah

152|365 I received and blogged about my most recent Stitch Fix and thought I'd use a shot to document me at 22+ weeks! Love my new clothes. 

153|365 Ready for Adventure! We love a good mail day. Jonah loves getting packages and when they are for him ( I obviously do a lot of online shopping) he must open and wear. Alpine Baby Co. tank and Little Hip Squeaks shorts. It got Jonah to take some cute photos with me! 

154|365 Jonah's summer days are spent with these three. What a blast! (Benjamin, Emma, & NaNa)


  1. What great photos!
    I love that he already knows how to put together his train.
    The super hero made up costume is adorable!

  2. I LOVE daddy and Jonah shot. So sweet!!! I'm super in love with all your peices for Stitch Fix this week. My goal is to sign up this fall. And I'm loving your new blog update. I thought I clicked on the wrong link at first LOL.

  3. Awww. I love these. Very cute shots.

  4. OMG those little hunter boots are adorable!

  5. Love, love, LOVE the Daddy & Jonah pic! Love that top too, I want one. You look stunning.

  6. Love those IKEA trains - they are a huge hit in our house! You look lovely, and I'm happy to see another adult Saltwater sandal fan. :)

  7. First off, LOVE the blog makeover!! Secondly - like always - amazing photos this week! Daddy and Jonah and Jonah in his super hero costume... so awesome

  8. Absolutely love this photos. He is so cute. Such cute clothes too! Your blog looks great too.

  9. Oh my gosh, that superhero pic is the BEST! Soooo cute! And you are super pretty and adorable at the same time. Very cute outfit!

  10. Okay I don't know what photo I like better, the fabulous one of you (that outfit is adorable!) or the one of Jonah and dad! Both are precious!


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