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Fruit Infused Water | Strawberry Lemon

Sunday, June 1, 2014

 I'm really trying to drink more water AND enjoy it! I am constantly thirsty and want a cold drink. What is it about pregnancy and wanting everything to be ice cold? Considering I also have gestational diabetes, water intake is really important and sugary drinks are a no-no obviously. I have been really interested when I've seen the fruit infusion water bottles, but decided just to kind of do it may own way and make a whole pitcher of Strawberry Lemon Infused Water to keep in the fridge.

  • I just used a large handful of strawberries and one lemon for this pitcher.
    • I also prepared the blueberry lemon but have not tried it yet. 
  • I washed and cut my fruit and added it to a seal-able container. I used the back of a large spoon (a muddler would be good for this too) and kind of smashed my strawberries and squeezed my lemon a bit. 
  • Added a little water and a pinch of splenda to cut the tartness of the lemon.
  • Let sit in the fridge (I actually left it overnight). 

  • Strain the fruit/juices into a pitcher/container. (this may work better with a strainer with smaller holes or cheese cloth to really avoid seeds and pulp)
  • Add cold water
  • Refrigerate or serve over ice

AND just for fun I took my left over fruit and put it into the ice tray, added a little water and froze.

So combining the two, and especially when the ice starts to melt you get lots of fruit flavor! I just take a few cubes out at a time and it's seriously so hot here already that as soon as I am finished with the water, the ice and fruit ice begin to melt. It's like an automatic refill. =)

Note: Jar is from The Mason Bar Company

What's your favorite refreshing drink for summertime? 

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