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Photographing the Details with Intention.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sweating in Mississippi Summer Heat
Sweating in the Mississippi Summer Heat

Since beginning my personal 365 project this year, one of my goals has been to capture the everyday, mundane, little details of our lives and celebrate them. These little details are what make up our story. Not just one little detail but putting them all together over the course of a year or years knits together the big picture.

 I have been capturing what makes Jonah, Jonah. Sometimes it’s his favorite toy, how he looks when he sleeps, his favorite boots, the little details of his face at this age, or the things in our lives that define our transition to spring like the hydrangeas blooming or the leaf of the dogwood tree in our backyard. I hope I can do an even better job of this as the year rolls on, because honestly sometimes I just snap to capture the moment and get the shot. I know when the year is gone that they will all be precious to shots to me anyway, but I want to be able to see the intention – every day.

lifestyle photography
Lashes for days
Listening for Daddy
So, when I'm photographing the moments for us or for another family, I'm trying to remember to get those little faces that aren't the perfect smile, even though those are pretty great too, and remember where the memories are really held. They are  in the size of their hands, their favorite shirt, how their hair falls in their face no matter how many times a day you push it out of their eyes.


The memories are in the unmade bed, the way he grabs your hand, the actions that say they are growing up, but just not yet. The silly little things that drive you crazy will be the things you miss and why not have those moments forever etched in a photo. 

lifestyle photography jackson, ms

Their hands, their scars, the folds of their wrists are what makes them them and you you. 

gray mornings photography

Don't forget to get those little moments too.


  1. I love this so much!! The bicycle, the holding hands, the little diaper peeking out of the shorts. I love when they sleep with their legs tucked under. And bitty toes!! Kid/baby toes jist slay me. I love how you worded it all too! Just lovely.

    1. Thank you so much! That means a lot. The diaper photos is probably one of the last I'll even have of Jonah wearing a diaper.

  2. I love these detail shots, I would love to train my eye and berain to notice these when I'm shooting.

    1. I think I learned to notice them when originally when editing photos and thinking I wish I had gotten a shot of just that little detail.


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