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Pregnancy Brain is REAL Y'all...

Monday, June 9, 2014

While, researchers may not be able to pinpoint an exact cause, I assure you something happens to your ability to think in a straight line during the months the bun is in the oven and for a while there after. Just ask any expectant mother at any given time where her car keys are. She will undoubtedly know their exact whereabouts and swear that’s where she left them, only to find them fifteen minutes later in an undisclosed location. Always check close to the refrigerator or her favorite snack stash.

Each morning, as if getting myself and a two and half year old ready for our respective destinations isn’t enough, I have to trek back in the house (crossing the back yard, disabling the alarm, making sure the dog doesn’t get out, all while keeping an eye out to make sure my child doesn't escape his car seat) no less than two extra times because I left something we were supposed to take with us that day.  Needless to say, forget pregnancy Pilates, I’ve had my work-out before 8:30AM every day.

Just a few more examples for you: I can never find my pen at work. My sunglasses are never in the place I used to always leave them. Jonah’s preferred toothbrush and tooth paste have been in a Ziploc bag in my car since out last trip out of town, which was at least three weeks ago. Every night he asks for them, every night I tell him we’ll bring them in tomorrow (No worries- I’m definitely going to ditch the toothpaste).  I cannot remember ONE person’s name I met at my husband’s company picnic on Saturday. The list goes on, but this is distinctly noticeable for me because I am usually a pillar of memory. I am typically pretty good with details and people's names.

"During pregnancy, your levels of progesterone and estrogen shoot up, and both are linked to memory. At these high levels, they may negatively affect the ability to recall information, according to Abbe Macbeth, Ph.D., a former postdoctoral fellow at the National Institute of Mental Health. "However, these hormones also cause the growth of new brain circuits that help mothers focus on the baby when she's born," says Louann Brizendine, M.D., a neuropsychiatrist and the author of The Female Brain. In other words, your brain is laying the groundwork for helping you tune in to your newborn's cries, for example. This gear-shifting might make some women forgetful, and the effect may endure after your baby's arrival, fueled by other hormones produced during breastfeeding." via

We love to blame those pesky hormones that just won't quit with the changes during pregnancy, but many researchers feel a lot of it has to do with exhaustion and preoccupation with all things pregnancy and baby. I'll go for a little bit of biological and a little bit emotional. Whatever the cause, just know that if you are feeling a little scatterbrained, you are not alone. Whatever you do though, don't tell the world, because we ladies like to keep up that facade that we can still do it all! After all, it must have been the toddler that put your cell phone in the freezer.

Do you have any pregnancy brain stories? I'd love to hear them (IF you can remember)!


  1. So true! I used to forget the littlest things!

  2. I don't have one specific story, but I can totally remember how bad it was!! I am better now, but don't think I will ever be completely normal again... at least until Aiden is an adult, ha!

  3. Oh god do I know what you mean. A few times I forgot my keys on top of my car and found them the next morning. I'm a super organized person and stuff like that just doesn't normally happen. I also forgot about this really important email I had to send to the deputy minister of transport. That was bad, and totally not my usual self. Pregnancy brain is real.
    Julie @


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