The Wilde Olive Blog: Catch the Moment 365 | Week 29


Catch the Moment 365 | Week 29

Friday, July 25, 2014

I am going to do a little something different today and combine last week's 365 with Oh Hey Friday! So, check out our week in photos then head down to see today's five things!

Over the past week, I've had lots of ups and downs. Really high highs, like when the perinatoligist says baby boy is perfectly average, the ultrasound technician even called his heart pretty, and knowing taking Jonah with us to get to experience it all with us was the right decision. He loved it. He talked to the tech and the doctor telling them how he was going to share his jammies and tickle his baby brother's feet. Man I love these boys with my whole heart! We also got to have a short vacation and put our toes in the sand for a couple of days. Then there were very low moments too, like I wrote about here.

197|365 New Noonday piece from McCall's sample sale. She's in Rwanda right now on an amazing trip. 

198|365 After our appointment. He claimed these pictures of baby brother as his and put them low on the fridge with his animal magnets!

199|365 Friday, we made it down to the beach before our room was ready but we got to hang out by the pool and experienced the splash pad before a storm rolled in for the night! Side note: my husband says that swim "diaper" isn't very manly and he did wear trunks other times, but I think he looks way more comfy than the kid with the trunks down to his ankles. I don't know how dudes swim in those things. 

200|365 Clark Family Picture for day 200!

201|365 We left the beach on Sunday afternoon, but not before we experienced some sunshine! Please excuse my child's forced smile! I just wanted to be IN a picture with him!

202|365 It felt pretty good to kind of get back into our routine on Monday.

203|365 Always part of the routine.

So here we go with Five things for this week! 

1. Every Friday Sarah, Mindi, and I host a place for photographers of all kinds to share, explore, grow and connect. Our common goal: one photo, every day, for three hundred and sixty five days. Whether you are using a fancy smancy professional camera, your first DSLR, a point and shoot, or your ever-so-handy phone camera, we want to see your photos! We want to see the moments you caught each day. How amazing will it be to see each of us accomplish something that seems so big? For more info on how to join in start here. (more after the link up)!

2. This group has the biggest giveaway going on right now! Those of you who are even slightly into photography HAVE to check it out! I am so thankful for these sponsors all saying yes to us and helping us celebrate making it half way through a year of photos every day! I hope it encourages you to do your own 365 or 52 or just make a point to capture your precious memories! You can find the giveaway here!

3. I am trying to take on a few last photography sessions before it's time for baby countdown (10 weeks or less left oh my goodness!) So, if you are local check out the special packages I'm offering for August! Gray

4. I have two more giveaways I am currently a part of - so be sure to check those out on the side bar! I don't have posts up about all of them! Target Gift Card - Wish Sarah a Happy Anniversary and Blogiversary! Last but not least - moolah from September FARM + you could get ad space here for free! Speaking of ad space use code "JULY" for 35% off any ad here on BTCAD! I would love to have you! More on Advertising right up at the top of the blog! (that was way more than one thing- sorry)

5. Last but not least, I am planning to do a lot of work on baby brother's space this weekend! Send me good sewing vibes and check out Instagram because I might be either complaining about makign no progress or celebrating actually getting some things accomplished. (anyone have one of those 20% offs for babies r us? We have to buy a new crib mattress this weekend). I have also been doing a lot of pinning for baby!

Have a great one!

Catch the Moment 365


  1. I love picture 202! And the one of you and Jonah is wonderful.

  2. I love your family photo and that he is so excited to be a big brother!

    xx Kelly
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