The Wilde Olive Blog: Celebrate Photography Giveaway! {Over $650 in Prizes}


Celebrate Photography Giveaway! {Over $650 in Prizes}

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wow! Wow! Wow! We have made it over half way through the year of our Catch the Moment 365 Project! On Saturday, we celebrated our 200th photo! What an accomplishment. I am super proud of myself and our group that is still hanging in there! I'm going to stop using exclamation marks now. . . but this giveaway Y'ALL. I cannot believe how awesome it is. Over $650 in prizes! Sarah, Mindi, Alisha, and I sought out these great items to bring you the best of the best when it comes to photography accessories.  Each prize will help you enjoy your camera, photos, and advance the styling of your photos for well over 365. I cannot even pick my favorite, but really wish I could win these amazing items! If you are interested in joining our 365 group check out the details start here.

Now, I just want to thank each of our sponsors and encourage you to check out each and every one of them! Then don't forget to enter the giveaway via the Rafflecopter below! Here are your great prizes!

THEITThe Lula Bag
THEIT creates camera bags for photographers that value both style and substance. With designs that aim to capture classic modernity with a sense of playfulness, this philosophy exemplifies the essence of the THEIT customer: someone who is independent, inspired, and full of life, who cannot help but to capture the beauty in her world through the lens. An homage to the well-known fashion term "the it" bag, the brand represents more than the most coveted piece for the season, but a new wave of design enabling style, function and versatility for the fashion-minded photographer. Inspired by the runway and the streets, THEIT's vision is to uphold a fashion standard that helps photographers live their dreams in style.

Canvas on Demand16x20 Canvas PLUS free shipping

Capture your favorite moments in pictures and create spectacular wall art for your home. With Canvas On Demand, your treasured memories suddenly transform into smile-coaxing masterpieces…that you can appreciate every day, large as life, in beautiful canvas form.

Professor Kobre's Lightscoop

Ken is the inventor of Professor Kobré’s Lightscoop®, a camera accessory that instantly and dramatically improves indoor photography by bouncing the light from the pop-up flash. Bouncing the flash eliminates red eye, unflattering shadows and that deer-in-headlights look so common with indoor flash photography.

Picture KeeperPicture Keeper PK16

We have developed a simple photo backup solution that we made easy enough for our moms to do without needing our help. We load our Picture Keeper software onto custom USB drives - simply plug it in and click "Start Backup" to get started finding and savings your digital photos. Picture Keeper software works on PC and Mac and can be used on multiple computers - also great for moving pictures to a new computer. When one Picture Keeper fills up, just plug another one in and it picks up where the last left off. Did we mention that we skip duplicate photos also?

Camera CoatsA Camera Coat of your choice!

Protect your camera with a padded, waterproof, stylish Camera Coat! Our recently patented design keeps your camera safe whether its around your neck, in your carry-on, or stuffed into your diaper bag! All of our products are made by local women & each item is packaged and shipped by adults with disabilities.


-Strong Velcro closure to ensure a snug fit.

-Sturdy buckle attaches directly to your camera straps so you won't lose your Camera Coat while you shoot!
-3 pockets on the back are perfect for your lens cap or extra SD card.

Camera Coats come in 5 sizes along with matching camera straps! With over 20 styles to choose from you are sure to find one that your camera will love!

Shop today and get 30% off your order!

Code: Celebrate25

Expires: July 31, 2014
Ink and Elm Backdrops: 5ft x 5ft Backdrop of Winner's Choice

As photography junkies, we found that there were a few aspects of photography that were toilsome to control; location, lighting, and weather. After many exhausting photo sessions, we decided to come up with a way that would enable us to have direct control over lighting, weather, and location! And so, Ink and Elm Backdrops was born, bringing the location, controlled lighting, and perfect weather into your home! Ink and Elm backdrops are extremely user friendly and can be set up in minutes! You can go from standing in front of a barn to sitting in front of a beautiful damask patterned wall to leaning against a vintage worn down fence all in one photo session and all under one roof, regardless of weather and lighting! Ink and Elm backdrops are printed on strong, durable, tear resistant vinyl using the longest lasting inks and state of the art technology. Backdrops are printed on matte, waterproof material and are great for cake smashing sessions! The best part? They are easily portable! When you’re done with your photoshoot, simply roll up the backdrop and stick inside the packaging tube they are delivered in for simple and easy storage!

Janie Lane Studio: Camera Strap Cover of Winner's Choice 

I'm a wife and mom to two young boys who absolutely love dirt and trucks and Legos. It makes me so thankful for nap times when I sneak away to my sewing room to design and create bags, scarves and Bloomin' Headwraps. My shop, Janie Lane Studio, has been the feminine and creative outlet I need to balance all the boys in life. I've been making and selling locally for a few years, and this year I've focused on growing my Etsy shop and online presence. A few years ago a photographer friend asked me to make her a camera bag. Designed to be a beautiful and hardworking partner, the "Claire" bag has become a bestseller in my shop, both locally and online. Camera strap covers are a natural addition as I seek to serve photographers. Stop by Janie Lane Studio on Etsy and Facebook or find me @janielanestudio on Instagram. Leave a comment - I'd love to get to know you!

Pop of Happy$25 Shop Credit

Hi, I'm Laura, owner/creator of Pop of Happy. Pop of Happy is an Etsy shop filled with pom garlands, paper garlands, letter banners and fabric garlands perfect for any photography backdrop, birthday party or happy home decor. Pop of Happy also offers paper mobiles and custom designs made just for you! As a mom of two, I understand how busy things can get so let me take care of your birthday, baby shower or nursery decor for you!

Crafty Staci: DSLR Camera Strap and Lens Cap Holder

I've been sewing and crafting for as long as I can remember. My Etsy shop, Crafty Staci, focuses on accessories for photographers and I happily fulfill custom orders for everything I make. I enjoy mixing fabrics, and I love how excited my customers get that they can design an item that reflects their personality. After making thousands of camera straps, lens cap holders, memory card wallets and other photography accessories, it still makes me happy to see the final finished item and to hear my customers talk about how they're using it.

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  1. The camera bag is to die for. I am not a professional photographer, but I do carry my camera all over all the time.


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