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Hormones. Toddlers. I've had it.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I'm so over it tonight. Just sitting here annoyed by everything. I am annoyed there is nothing on tv. I'm annoyed I have no energy to do anything - yet here I sit writing instead of sleeping. I have been having some really fun pregnancy symptoms this week and I am SO sick of seeing pregnant people on instagram, facebook, twitter, etc satisfying their pregnancy cravings with real ice cream and donuts. And if that dog parks one more time - swear he's going to spend the night in the back yard!

My child had accident after accident tonight and a tantrum in which I physically restrained him while he was sitting on the toilet. At one point I threatened to put a diaper on him and he said he would like that. Guess he got me there. WHAT is happening in this house?! Someone tell me there is a full moon or a solar eclipse or something that explains the crazy.

I know I sound really fun to be around right about now don't I?

 One more annoying thing... forgetting my sunglasses. I have light eyes which makes me more sensitive to the sun. I hate squinting - which I do a lot as you can see from that deep line between my brows. If I leave the house without sunglasses I will have a headache all day from squinting. It's the worst right?! So, as you may have noticed I pretty much always have a pair on my face, on my head or in my bag.

So, on a positive note. I got a new pair from They actually do prescription glasses and sunglasses, but I found these two toned "wood" glasses and had to have them. They are super light weight and came with a great case and cleaning rag. So, even though I now have multiple pair, I seem to be choosing these pretty much daily.

So, even in the super hormonal, annoying times, it's the little things that really just make my day a little better. The little things, good music, and my fair share of prayers.

*I received this pair of sunglasses from Frimoo for free, no other compensation was received for this post. 


  1. It will get better. Today was a bad day, they can't all go like this. That being said, I experienced the same things while pregnant with #2 and potty training and dealing with #1 that was a 2.5 year old. Not fun at all. But it gets better.

  2. Ugh. Rough days suck. I do NOT look forward to potty training again. Ever. I had to constantly remind myself.... "this is a season. ONE DAY he will be potty trained." It only worked sometimes. ;)

  3. Whenever I hear people talking about potty training it doesn't sound like fun. I hope you had a better weekend! :) Those sunglasses are really cute. I'm the same way... I always have a pair with me and really regret it if I don't.


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