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Independence Day Recap

Monday, July 7, 2014

We had such a full weekend! So much fun stuff but still so little time. It was good to be able to spread it out over three days instead of two though. Friday, we got up and before we headed to the pool Jonah and I made some little Red, White, and Blue fruit parfaits (Strawberries, Blueberries, and Sugar-Free Cool Whip) to take along. I wouldn't have used glass for the pool, but couldn't find enough little plastic containers, but thankfully they were a success for the most part. Jonah didn't like the Cool Whip - weirdo. 

After the pool, we went back to my sister Andrea's house, napped and prepared for dinner. Before we came, I also made a Broccoli Salad, my mom made a Baked Potato Salad, and my dad made Turkey and Sausage. We made a Heathbar Triffle and I have to admit I indulged a little - even though I knew better. I checked my sugar about 3 times that afternoon/night and it wasn't too bad.

Heath Bar Trifle: Ingredients - Two Boxes brownie mix baked and crumbled, chocolate pudding prepared as directed, two containers of Cool Whip (thawed), Heath Bar Crumble Instructions - Layer in order of crumbled brownies, heath bar crumble, chocolate pudding, cool whip (be generous) - repeat. Top with crumbled brownie and heath bar. 


We did most of the preparing while the kids napped. Before we ate and after we just hung out around the house and in the backyard. 


It was pretty relaxed - just family - lots of food. Permission to just be your after-the-pool self (as noted by our children's hair)! It was actually really nice out and we are starting to feel really spoiled here in Mississippi. Yes we've had lots of high temps, but having nights like we did this weekend where you are almost cool outdoors is like a dream in July.

After dark we got to see some fireworks ALL over their neighborhood. We just did sparklers and sent off some paper lanterns. The kids were amazed. Jonah isn't a fan of fireworks this year - so stayed inside a majority of the time.


I know that was a lot of photos, but I hope you enjoyed a little peek into our Fourth! I hope your weekend was awesome! What were you and yours up to?


  1. Looks like you had a great 4th of July! Jackson was afraid of the fireworks too. I'm hoping next year he likes them more.

    1. He's never been scared until this year. He doesn't cry he just says I want to go home and that he doesn't like them - but I'm pretty sure it's the loudness that gets him!

  2. These are SO fun!! Where did you find the flag lanterns?!


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