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Catch the Moment 365 | Week 30

Monday, August 4, 2014

I am very late posting these photos from Week 30 and have not blogged at all since week 29's post went live, other than that great guest post from Rebekah. Honestly, I have missed writing here and have so much to share, but as many of you may know, my grandfather passed away early last Wednesday morning (the day after this week of photos wrapped up). So, I just feel like I can't put words on the screen just yet to accurately describe my feelings and posting something else first just doesn't seem right. I have decided to share this post with you and the last week in photos to give myself a little inspirational boost. These days document the last two times I saw my grandfather and I'm writing it within the post so I'll be able to remember the last times I said I love you and told him "see you later". 

204 |365 Jonah insisted on carrying his own over-filled too big back pack to the car for NaNa's today. 

205| 365 Messy haired boys and they don't care! 

207|365 Friday - 30 Week's Pregnant
207|365 Man Cub waiting on NaNa and Grand Daddy to take him to the Grossology exhibit at the Science Museum. 

 208|365 Today was my Dad's Birthday and we celebrated he and my mom! Her birthday was Aug. 3rd. We had a little Fiesta..

209|365 Walk. After seeing my Grandfather in Hospice tonight we took a slow stroll through the neighborhood to talk and clear our heads. 
209|365 It doesn't get much better than this face! 
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