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Just keeping it fresh | Farm Direct Flowers Online

Sunday, August 31, 2014

#thebouqs #sp #freshflowers
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I think sending and getting fresh flowers is one of the best unexpected joys in life. There is just something about a bouquet sitting on your table, counter, desk or shelf that can brighten your day in big and small ways. 

I love growing my own flowers to cut and display in my home, but that doesn't always work out...mostly when it's not spring. Summer gets very dry/hot around here and I find myself needing to liven up the rooms of my home with a little bundle of fresh blooms. 

#thebouqs #sp #freshflowers

Discovering the nontraditional way of getting farm direct flowers through The opened my eyes to a whole new way of ordering flowers for myself and my loved ones. These beautiful flowers were shipped directly from the farm, so you are getting flowers 2-4 days after they are cut instead of at least 10 when you get them elsewhere. This means obviously they'll last longer and that theory has proven true for the dozed white roses I ordered and were delivered on the 19th (today's the 31st). They are still around. I've had to cute them back a little and pull some petals but I am still enjoying them. I have even split them into two rooms of my home to enjoy them. They are a fun subject to photograph too of course.

#thebouqs #sp #freshflowers

#thebouqs #sp #freshflowers

Farm-direct super-fresh, premium flowers for any occasion.

We were sent a bouq to review free of charge, links provided are affliate. If you refer two friends you too could get a free bouq!


  1. Wow, what a great service! Your flowers look beautiful - thanks for sharing!

  2. Those are beautiful! I love this idea! Thank you!

  3. Your photography is so lovely - pink on the cheek sent me your way!


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