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Bump Update | Almost There

Thursday, September 18, 2014

I honestly don't know how people do pregnancy updates weekly. I wanted to do it more regularly this time and it just hasn't happened! I'm a little disappointed in myself BUT life is life and I just can't seem to keep up. I've tried to incorporate some photos of myself/belly in my 365 posts though so I hope you are guys are following those. 

Baby's Gestational Age: 37 weeks  6 days (9/18/14)

Symptoms: Mostly "DOP" as one of my doctors call it "Discomforts of Pregnancy" Achy everything, swollen legs, feet, and hands, stretch marks like whoa on my lower abdomen, occasionally itchiness, insomnia, squished bladder! 

Maternity Clothes: Yeah... but most of those don't even fit anymore! I am attending a wedding this Saturday and I am really hoping I can find something decent to wear. 

Gender: Boy! 

Sleep: What's that? Well, I fell asleep on my desk yesterday for a few seconds.

Cravings: I have really been wanting sugar lately. Boo. I have to admit I've indulged a little. 

Laughable Moments: Wearing orthopedic socks? I don't know. I feel like I'm at a point where everything has to be funny because if it's not I'll cry instead.. 

Hard Moments: waiting the last couple of weeks. 

Nesting: The past two weeks I've been a shopping mad woman and I feel like I've gotten pretty much everything we need, but my house is a mess! This must change. I must get organized this weekend! I'm so looking forward to just waiting for him.

Best Moments: All the moments of excitement for my first born. Seeing him light up and get excited talking about his baby brother is the best.

Looking Forward To: Just seeing his little face! or big fluffy cheeks since he's apparently going to be a big guy!

Movement: He loves sticking his butt out as far as he can. It's pretty fun how lopsided my belly gets. I've also started being able to make out little feet or hands - I don't know which but you can just tell the difference when he pushes.

On Mommy's Heart: 

This pregnancy had been pretty identical to Jonah's until the third trimester hit. Now everything just hurts - all the time. Well, not all the time - that's a little dramatic, but this little dude is so big and so low, I am just uncomfortable and some days I feel like I just can't do it one more day. Of course I can though, right? My body was made for this. Seriously though I don't remember it hurting so much to just get out of bed. 

Just being really honest with my feelings right now, I have often found myself having a bit of a negative outlook during this last trimester. I am very sensitive and have been really easily getting my feelings hurt. Hormones and exhaustion come with the territory, but believe me it's not easy. Obviously, I really love being able to carry this life and I am thankful for it every day. I want to be pregnant right now more than anything else and I will cherish this boy for the rest of my life. I may even say at some point I miss being pregnant with him. That's what we do right?

And since I haven't written much about it, I thought I'd share a little bit about what's going on with the day to day, week to week management of pregnancy, gestational diabetes, and being considered "high risk" (even though I don't technically use that term). I had GD with Jonah, but it was found at 26 weeks, this go around we started diet and tracking at 10 weeks. I have ONE risk factor for diabetes and that's family history of Type 2 Diabetes. I am completely diet managed, which kind of sucks but I try to just "oh I can't eat that" and move on. I also allow myself a little indulgence at times though, especially lately I've been SO hungry! My doctors have also changed up the routine on me from Jonah's pregnancy. I guess the recommendations for gestational diabetes have changed some over the past three years. It's funny how that happens in medicine isn't? We learn we grow, we go backwards a little it seems, and things that were hard to manage in healthcare become a little easier - eventually. Even though I'm completely diet managed with no medication and no insulin, they still watch me very closely. So far, everything has been great. My glucose levels are pretty good, but I have to admit I've been a little looser on checking right at two hours after a meal. Let's face it - I eat alll the time at this point. So, they run consistently a little bit higher. I think that's mostly because I never exactly wait two hours before testing. If you have no clue what I'm talking about - I prick my finger twice a day (originally it was four) and they want my blood glucose (blood sugar) to be under 120 two hours after each meal. I keep track of them and send them in to the Perinatologist once per week. They look over them and call to tell me to keep doing what I'm doing or make a change. With Jonah they did biophysical profiles, along with other screenings, every few weeks at the prenatal diagnostic center. This pregnancy I am only going to the Perinatologist every four weeks, but started getting BPPs every week at my OB starting at 32 weeks. 

A BPP is what nearly every mother gets around 32 weeks that estimates the baby's weight. They measure your fluid, the baby's head, belly, and limbs. They also check their heart rate and watch them take "practice breaths". They also want to see them move extending and retracting their limbs. At least that's what I've observed. Based on the measurements they take an average and use a scale to determine their estimated weight. My perinatologist does a little more in-depth BPP with a fancier machine. I had my last one at the peri last Thursday and do not have to go back there. They will check the baby's weight and development when he's born to compare with the BPPs. I really love going to both of my doctors, but it is a lot to work in an already busy schedule. I am so thankful though that each and every time I go, I get to hear pretty good news! That doesn't mean I'm any less anxious about blood glucose levels, jaundice, etc when he's born though. I know he'll be perfect though - no matter what. 


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