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Superheros Eat M&Ms | Recipe

Monday, September 15, 2014

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You guys know we love Superheroes around here! What about your family? Are your kids into Captain America? Captain America 2: The Winter Solider DVD was released on September 9 and since Heroes Eat M&Ms™, I came up with a few ways to celebrate the release of the film and the heroes in our life and yours! What better way to celebrate than cake?! 

As you can see, I tried this several different ways and I couldn't help but show you them all! The recipe is the same, but the instructions vary just a little. I will go ahead and admit, this cake was made from a box! I have no shame in the fact that I enjoy baking very much, BUT I haven't really mastered the from scratch homemade cake. I enjoy making it look unique and creating a theme more than the actual experimenting a getting the ingredients right part. So, actually found this boxed cake at that is Red Velvet and Blue Velvet! I mean nothing sounds better. I have in the past used food coloring with white cake and it turned out great!


  • Red & Blue Cake Mix
  • Bag of M&Ms™ - I used Dark Chocolate.
  • White Icing
  • Optional: Red and Blue Food coloring if using white cake


I made the above cake in two small loaf pans and sliced. Add a little white icing and top with M&Ms (They really makes it pop)!

and because making cake in a mason jar is fun here is another version. 


  • Sanitize your canning jars. Spray the inside of your jar generously with cooking spray. 
  • Pour uncooked batter directly into jar. Red 1/4 of the jar. Layer in M&Ms. Blue 1/4 of the jar. 
  • Space jars evenly on a baking pan. 
  • Place in the oven at temperature according to box. Time will vary based on size of jar, but the large wide mouth jar took approximately the same amount of time as if you were baking in a 9 inch round pan. 
  • Let cake cool. 
  • Top with white icing and M&Ms! 

What's really cool about making this cake in a mason jar is that you can actually send it to your favorite American Hero! Once you remove the cake from the oven you can pop that canning lid on your jar and it will seal! Just wait for the pop! Your cake will then last up to a month fully cooked in your jar. I thought this would be an awesome thing to try to celebrate the release of Captain American! You can send it in a care package to your favorite military hero, family members at college, or grandparents that live out of town! Just tie it up with a cute ribbon and don't put the icing on the cake yet, BUT make sure you send icing and extra M&Ms and maybe a copy of Captain America 2: Winter Soldier.

One more slight variation I tried if you don't want to actually cook the cake in the jar. This is great for a party!


Bake cake according to instructions on box. Cube using a bread knife. Layer with M&Ms and icing. Serve with a spoon. You can also give these as party favors or just happy for your coworkers or neighbors! They will not last as long as the sealed jar but should be good for a few days if your guests take them home! 

Are you craving cake and M&Ms now? I certainly am!

Everything I used + every other kind of M&M out there can be found at your local Walmart! Celebrate the heroes in your life by going to and checking out all the fun families are having with the Captain America 2: Winder Soldier release then take the quiz to find out what Super Hero you are! I am apparently The Hulk! 

Also! You can enter to win $100 Gift Certificate to Walmart! I mean who doesn't need that?

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  1. YUM!! Oh my gosh, I want to make some like RIGHT NOW! These pics just look so yummy.

  2. So clever to seal the cake in the jars to store. I had no idea that would work like that! #client


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