The Wilde Olive Blog: Ezra's first road trip.


Ezra's first road trip.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Back in October, the weekend of Jonah's birthday, we took Ezra for the first time to Starkville. It was rainy and we mostly hung around the house, so he did pretty well. It's always strange taking a baby to someone else's house. It feels like you have to take the whole house with you just to spend one night away from home! I've found a couple of essentials I have to have for these travels: 

1. Boppy - You never know when you'll have to stop and nurse the baby in the car. It's also something serves many purposes - assisting others in holding the baby when their arms are tired. I also put the Boppy on kids' laps when they hold him but for extra support for them and him. You also won't be in your comfy glider or spots you are used to nursing so any support is great. 

2. Rock N Play Sleeper - Love that it just folds up and can be moved around the house. You don't have to worry about having a crib or room for a pack n play. We use it for a bed and for a bouncy-like seat when out of town. 

3. Velcro Swaddle with a slit in the back. Did you know that some swaddles have a slit in the back making it wear you can use it in the carseat. Two hours on the road and not a peep. Thanks to him being swaddled in his carseat. Miracles I tell ya. 

While we were in Starkville, I took several photos, but here are a few of the highlights! 


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