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Thanksgiving 2014

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Here's to catching up! We celebrated Thanksgiving four different times this year. I mean how lucky are we that we have reason to celebrate four different times with four different groups of people we love? Well I guess the groups overlapped a little with immediate family vs extended family.. that kind of thing. BUT STILL. I have to say that the holidays are really special this year. I was just thinking tonight that not only is this Ezra's first holiday season, it's the 10th holiday season Wesley and I have celebrated as a couple. I totally missed blogging about our 6th wedding anniversary last month (not that we were able to do anything special) and I haven't really been blogging about Ezra's firsts. I want to catch up so badly - and I will. It is just taking time and while I only have a very short time left at home full-time, I want to take advantage of it.

Anyway, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, we gathered with my oldest friends and had an awesome time - I took no pictures really. I though take some the next evening when we had (nontraditional) thanksgiving dinner at my parents house.

Benjamin's Thankful Tree - Chicken Nuggets made the cut...
TiTi (that's me) did not unless you file me under Mommies and Daddies. 

Ezra really loves Mae Mae (as we all do) but it's been so great that she's been able to be around so much while he's so young. He's such a good boy letting everyone just pass him around and have their turn! 

The next morning we headed to Starkville for yet another dinner! This time it was actually Thanksgiving and we had turkey, dressing and all the good stuff! We also got to see Wesley's cousin that we don't see too often. 

The highlight for all the kiddos - the fire pit of course. Marshmallows were roast... or eaten directly out of the bag.. jonah.

I just want to know WHEN my child became old/big enough to just teach himself how to ride a scooter. Jonah has just matured beyond belief since he turned three and had a baby brother. He's like a kid - no more toddler.

On Friday night we headed back home - we spent Saturday watching the Egg Bowl and Sunday had yet another dinner at my grandmother's home. I want to share the photos I took their separately but it was a great time. So much of our family was there and we love getting everyone in one place. What a great holiday.

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