The Wilde Olive Blog: To the Rescue Fire Station Party!


To the Rescue Fire Station Party!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

This little boy is obsessed with rescuing the innocent and saving the day! We decided that a Fire Station visit and small community helpers party would be the perfect way to celebrate him turning three.

We set up a visit to the Fire Station for the first hour of the party. The crew on duty the day we visited had never had a birthday party group come to the station (but we'd been to a party there in the past). I don't think they realized that they could do their normal education they do with other groups, but we took advantage of having almost free reign of the trucks!

The firemen were great! They let Jonah and the other kids climb ALL OVER the trucks and showed them how the ladder truck works. The adults (especially the guys) were just as or more infatuated than the kids with that ladder!

As you can see in some of the following photos - they really let them climb all over the trucks. Of course as mothers we kept telling them to be careful, etc and two different firemen told us not to worry about it because they break stuff all the time. They are really hard on their equipment.. who knew? 

Did you know most fire stations allow you to visit and tour? Especially in smaller cities and towns. Give them a call. It was non-stop entertainment for multiple age kids.

After the fire station, we headed to NaNa's house for some snacks and play! I was pretty happy with how everything turned out considering it was very last minute!

We were so blessed with all the sweet gifts given to jonah and really appreciate NaNa and Granddaddy opening up their home!

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