The Wilde Olive Blog: 52 Weeks of Us | Week 1 | Jonah


52 Weeks of Us | Week 1 | Jonah

Monday, January 12, 2015

I have made a goal to take a portrait of one or more of our family members every week this year as part of my 365 project, but thought I'd add it as a different post with a little more information. This first set was kind of an after thought, but I decided to use it for week one. 

 Jonah Wilder at the screen door. Taken January 3, 2015. Three Years Old 2 Months. 
Jonah loves Rescue Bots. He's obsessed with the new books his daddy ordered for him. He loved Christmas and still talks about when Christmas comes. It's pretty hard to explain to him how long a year actually is. He's so ready for his little brother to be able to play with him that he started piling all of Ezra's toys in the swing with him. Then I caught him throwing his toys to him the other morning. He opens up his little hand and makes him grab things then calls us to come Look! Ezra got it! He's hard headed and loves to say "not yet" because it's an alternative to "no" which he gets in trouble for saying - because he just says it out of habit! He loves to make up songs and sing to himself and his brother. He gets shy occasionally if you catch him talking and singing to himself. I just love to listen!

linking up with sarah, amy, and angie for project 52.


  1. What a sweetheart :)
    The thought of catching him singing or talking to himself made me smile :)
    Thanks for joining us on this off-shoot!


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