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52 Weeks of Us | My boys | Jackson, MS Children's Photographer

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I have fallen a bit behind on posting our weekend portraits and I'm hoping to get Wesley and I in more photos this weekend. I want these boys to see their mom and dad and be able to look back on how much we loved them - and loved on them! Last night, Ezra let out the biggest flat-out laugh I have ever heard! It was the kind of laugh that happens when you aren't even being tickled - you are just thinking about being tickled and in anticipation can't hold back. I was kissing him under his little cheek almost to his neck and he would see me coming and just let go! I so wanted to capture it somehow. Bottle it up and keep it as a memory forever, but moments like that don't last long and I just didn't want it to stop so I didn't dare grab a phone or run go get my camera. I know  I'll hear that laugh again, but it won't be anything like the first time. I'm smiling now just thinking about it. After a while - when I finally got my husband in there to witness those precious moments - I remember my face hurting because I had been laughing right along with him and smiling so big! Then I could feel the moment ending and I went to grab my camera, but nothing came close to those few minutes of my kisses and his laughs. Oh my heart could explode!

I find myself gushing more over Ezra than I remember doing when Jonah was a baby - of course he was all I could talk about and still is half the time - but I think I felt a need to compare and check things off of a list with my first baby. This time. He is who he is and I can't help but just drink in all that makes him him. His chunky cheeks and thighs, his crazy cowlick and the completely smooth bald spot on the back of his head, his never ending amount of drool... it just all comes with being a baby and that's what I want him to just be for now. A happy, healthy baby. 

A few weeks ago I got this little bonnet and booties that I am in LOVE with. The first day I put the bonnet on him and took him to my mom's I couldn't shut up about how cute he was in it. I even tried to find another color or one for Jonah - so cute! I'm so glad I get to remember them just as they are here. 

Jackson, MS Children's Photographer
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Jackson, MS Children's Photographer

Jackson, MS Children's Photographer

on jonah - hand-me-down gray gap jeans

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  1. These are beautiful images of your sweet boys! What's your secret to getting Jonah to smile for the camera? Landon runs away 99% of the time. I have been loving your pictures. With our move, picking up the camera has been low man on the priority list, but I miss it so so much!


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