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Ezra Oliver | 4 Months Old

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

On January 29th, my little Ezra turned 4 months old. I have to say that this is really what babyhood is all about. We are getting to the smoochy, squishy, lovey good part of babyhood. I mean there is still more sleep to be had, but in general this is what the first year is aaaall about. The smiles, the giggles, the all-out belly laughs are upon us and I just can't get enough. This boy has the secret to life and he's not spilling!

Thanks to the time hop app, I was reminded that today was the day a year ago that I went for my "confirmation" visit. I had no doubt that I was pregnant, but you always have fears and worry - or I do at least- that something isn't right. I wasn't expecting to get an ultrasound and was totally surprised and silently freaking out when they called me back. I was there by myself because I was just expecting an exam, but was ferociously texting Wesley as he was out of town because we hadn't spilled the beans to anyone else at that point. I remember though, seeing his little heart beat flickering on the screen and hearing that whoosha whoosha as they turned up the sound. Oh what a beautiful sound! The sound of my heart easing and my muscles relaxing. That little tiny bean was this boy! This wonderful boy who is now four months old and full of light!

He reminds me so much of Jonah but is so different at the same time. I am different. We as a family are different. HE is just the icing on our cake. He's started belly laughing and it is the most wonderful sound I have ever heard. When he's laughing at his big brother - I can't even. My heart just explodes. I can see him connecting with people, forming relationships that will last his lifetime. He's finding where he fits, solidifying his role in our family, and developing the cutest little personality. His laugh is infectious and makes us all just stop and laugh with him. He has this look in his eyes sometimes that seems like he knows something we don't. He's up to no good this little brother and I like it.

I thought with the second baby I wouldn't anticipate his every development as eagerly as I did with my first, but he doesn't really give you time to anticipate. He has to be strapped in to every device we put him into - shoulder straps if available because he has places to go. He's rolling from front to back and side to side. He's practically breakdancing with the backspin he can apparently do while you're not looking.

He tried his first foods this past weekend. A banana and last night some sweet potato. I haven't made any big decisions on introducing solids yet - baby led vs. pureed baby food. We did a little of both with jonah. I really enjoyed making food combinations and will probably put my new ninja to good use soon.

Ezra weighs 14lbs 5 oz. He is 24 and 1/2 inch tall. He has 43.5cm of brain power and is meeting all appropriate milestones at this point. His well baby went really well. Don't you love it when your kid "performs" for the doctor? He gave her smiles and showed his arm strength and how he pushes with his legs. Isn't it amazing how he grew from that little bean to this rapidly growing baby boy. God is good.

We are so lucky to have this little guy in our lives. He makes the best fourth member of our team.

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