The Wilde Olive Blog: Spring Porch Decor with Monrovia Plants!


Spring Porch Decor with Monrovia Plants!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Today’s post is sponsored by Monrovia, but my love for their plants is all my own! #gardening

One of the things I'll miss most about our Belhaven house is the ever blooming garden. Is it crazy to ask the new owners if I can give them a yard tour and make them carry a pen and paper? Years and years ago, the owners of our home planted so that in every season, there would be something in bloom. The first year we lived here it was like discovering something new each time the weather changed. Even in the winter months, hello Camellias.

So, even though our new house has been landscaped, it doesn't have the same history and growth that I love so much about our old house and our neighborhood. Which is kind of sad. However, because we won't be constantly working on something that's broken, I'm hoping to spend even more time gardening! I look forward to every spring and plan what I can do to make the house pop a little more...within my budget of course.

A place I love to add a little Spring color is our front porch. So, while I wait on the never ending rain to stop and the Monrovia Hydrangeas to show up at Lowes, I thought I'd bring spring to us by adding some water wise color to our front porch and make it my mini garden!


I chose these bright colorful Festival Gerber Daisies because they have these large bright blooms that we will get to enjoy from Spring to Fall. 

I also decided on these beauties because I can keep them in pots now and when we finally get to the new house I can transplant them into the ground if I want! They attract butterflies but are deer resistant (which may actually be a problem where we are moving) and they are water-wise. Right now, in the small pots under the covered porch I'll have to show them extra care and make sure they get enough sunlight and water, but once they are incorporated into the landscape at our new home they actually require less watering - so they'll last through the dry hot Mississippi Summer. 



If you are CRAVING Spring like me, I strongly encourage you to check out what Monrovia has to offer in your area. You can find out which Zone you are in if you don't already know and choose plants based on your needs and your budget. How awesome is that? You can even order plants and just pick them up at your local nursery - all right on their website. I cannot wait until the new Hydrangeas are available! It just lifts my mood so much! How many times have I said Hydrangeas are my favorite?

Tell me do you have a green thumb and enjoy gardening?


  1. WOW! Those are gorgeous. I need some for sure. Beautiful pots.

    1. I can't wait to get more for our new house! It's making me really excited!

  2. Beautiful! I am looking forward to spring and gardening. We had so much completed with the landscaping at our old house too that I miss. We haven't made as much progress on the new one, but will get there. I have to remind myself it will take time. I need to start making plans for which areas to tackle this year.

    1. Yeah it's hard and expensive to have a well established yard/garden! Hoping to at least get some nice hydrangeas in this year and maybe a garden. I'd love a fruit tree too! and there went my budget!


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