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Ezra Oliver | 5 Months Old

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Just look at that little squish! At 5 Months E is at what I think will be the height of his squishiness. I don't know maybe I'll give it until six months to make that call. He loves that milky! Ezra currently gets a combo of breast milk and formula. Mostly all formula while he's at my mom's during the day while I'm at work and I nurse him at night and in the mornings before dropping him off. This has worked really well for us over the past two months and we get to enjoy nursing without the stress of worrying how much milk I'm producing. Which changes daily. Some days I have to pump when I'm away from him and some I don't. He really loves taking a bottle because he's so active and get take it and move on, but he enjoys his snuggle time with mommy too and still having a little trick to get him to sleep when he's having a rough time is awesome.


We have finally gotten to a point where he will sleep through most of the night. We've gotten some eight hour stretches, nurse, then back to sleep for a couple more hours.  Then, we went and put him in his crib. This wasn't by choice of course but I woke up one morning to him butt up in his rock n play. He loved sleeping in there, because he loves to be snuggled (held), but it's not made for babies who roll. So, in his crib he went. After last week with VERY little sleep on my part, mostly him waking himself up screaming because he REALLY didn't want to be awake, I think he's finally settling in to his crib. He tosses and turns but is learning to soothe himself back to sleep or to settle with just his paci. 

 Here comes the crazy mommy part. I wake up and have to check on him still even when he hasn't woken up. He's in his crib but it's still in our room. I have heard people say they have to put them in a different room to get any sleep, but to prove that wouldn't work for me, the other night Wesley took him in another room to sleep in his swing, because he just couldn't settle (and the swing has shoulder straps). Well, this mommy got up twice to go in there and check on him. Seriously, is this normal or do I need anxiety medication?


He's still wearing a lot of his 3-6 months stuff, but really needs a solid 6 month size. He's in size 2 diapers. I was considering buying him a hat the other night and would have bought the 12-18 month size. He has our family's "big old noggin" syndrome. I can't wait until we have some solid spring weather. I have so many hand-me-downs from Jonah's first spring/summer that I want to put on him! Cute little bubbles, rompers, seersucker, smocking, and hipster baby tees. We also super love our things MeMe has been appliqueing and monogramming for him, like this little Robot I picked to match his pants!


It's such a joy to watch their little brains work when they are so little. You can see changes literally everyday. Ezra is currently discovering everything with his mouth. It's really funny. I think this is the stage when he'll really get hooked on his paci because I'm constantly giving it to him to keep other things out of his mouth or to keep him from diving out of my arms to get his mouth on something. I'd say he's teething but I'm sure he's not. Jonah didn't get any teeth until he was a year, but you never know. He also learned that rolling is super fun. He doesn't stay put any more and cannot be left to his own devices. I found him getting stuck under the coffee table on Saturday after looking away for approximately 3 minutes. So, we are learning to keep the floor picked up. Jonah never rolled this much, but he could sit up almost by himself at this point and preferred to do that. Ezra won't sit up because he's too busy trying to get somewhere!


His fingers, his alligator, mommy holding him, watching daddy, and laughing at big brother. It's amazing to see how he already loves that big brother! He watches him, tries to get to him, and takes his wildness in stride. Jonah can just say random words while looking at Ezra and E will crack up! Over and over again, he laughs and laughs. I love it! He loves to "talk" and hear is own voice. He also loves the quiet and will tell you when he needs quiet. 

And we love him! Every last squish inch of him. He makes our family bigger and better. He lights us up and calms us down. Five months is pretty good I have to say.

Keep on keeping on little man. I pray every day for your safety, happiness, rest, and well being. My wishes for you go beyond the moon. I dream of the day when I'll be surrounded by boys that are all bigger than me, but cherish the days I get to hold you in my arms. Don't grow to fast little E. My heart can't keep up!

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  1. So, I left this long comment and then I screwed up my login and lost it :(

    No you are not alone! I check on Naomi multiple times a night in her crib in the other room even though I can hear and see every move on her video monitor.

    Ezra's so precious! I love your photos and it's so cool to read about Jonah's connection with him! It's also fun to see their differences. Dylan and Wy are so very different and were from the start, too. Naomi, too. It's so fun to watch them blossom into unique little individuals!

    Oh, and I had a similar experience with Naomi in the rock n play! I went to the bathroom and came back to her butt up :)

    1. I kind of freaked out at the time, but it's a little funny in retrospect, since she was totally fine. She's had a lot more floor time since then!


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