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Hello Oral Care. Toddler Approved.

Monday, March 2, 2015

thanks to Hello for sponsoring today's conversation #choosefriendly
thanks to my toddler for making every day conversation worthy
you can now find Hello Oral Care Products online at Target

 Jonah, who is 3, is in the midst of learning all of his self care and loves to do things himself. He's now fully capable of putting on all of his clothes, socks, most of his shoes (except laces of course), and gathers his own toys to take to childcare everyday. He even carries his back pack and is strangely obsessed with ziploc bags. He also knows all the potty tricks, washing his face at the sink, and brushes his teeth on his own. We give him some friendly guidance in these areas of course and usually finish up brushing and have to remind him to spit. To which we usually get a "I already did that!" It's funny how as a parent you become so proud of the littlest things, but it's truly awesome to see your child accomplishing things, even the little things. I guess it makes you realize that one day they are going to accomplish the big things.

That being said, fully capable doesn't mean fully obedient. Sometimes asking him to brush his teeth is like you asked him to climb Mount Everest. The whining, oh how I loathe the whining. "Not yet" he says after I ask him the third time. I can't and I don't want to are pretty high on the list too. I kind of feel bad saying you're breath stinks to my sweet little three year old, but let's be honest. Sometimes, especially in the morning, it just does. The problem is, he's a three year old boy and just doesn't care. A couple of days ago that changed. Last night, I had to make him eat dinner BEFORE he brushed his teeth. There is always a battle with a three year old though right?

naturally friendly toothpaste

I am not even kidding when I say I have never seen a kid so excited to brush his teeth as Jonah has been since a box of Hello products showed up on our doorstep. I mean he LOVES getting packages and when I told him there was something in it for him he came running. This was the scene at our house Thursday night. I should have pretended like there was only one kid's flavor in the box, but I wasn't quick enough on my feet (dangit!) and he has now tried out all three. He even took them all to childcare with him the next day AND my mom mentioned when I posted on Facebook that he was currently using brushing his teeth as an excuse not to nap! (that boy!)

hello toothpaste #choosefriendly

Is it the bright colors? the great taste? the fact that it's big kid tooth paste? or maybe the fact that it's just something else that he can now do on his own. I know one thing for sure, Hello's mission of making your home a friendlier place with this bright, tasty, beautiful, and naturally friendly toothpaste is working. I won't say the torturous threes won't strike again, but as a mom, I really love using a simple "why don't you go use your new green apple toothpaste?" instead of "Jonah pppplllllleeeeasssee go brush your teeth". It's already making my house more friendly!

hello toothpaste #choosefriendlySome other things we are doing to encourage good dental hygiene include:

  • Letting him choose his own tooth brush - right now it's "jake the pirate"
  • Giving him a sink cup for rinsing
  • Using lots of encouragement and positive reinforcement "Wow! Look at those shiny teeth!" when he's done. He proudly walks into the living room with a giant smile waiting for us to make a comment. 

What do you do to encourage your children to brush their teeth at least twice a day? Leave a comment so we can share our tricks! 

Before I go, though, I want to just add that Hello has products for us too. Awesome naturally friendly flavors like Mint Mojito and Peach Mango Mint have made their way onto my counter tops and into my heart. I mean are we vacationing on the beach (ugh I wish!) or getting ready to go to work? Just FYI you can find Hello's new line of toothpastes and other oral are products at various retailers BUT the Peach Mango Mint and the kid's line is found exclusively at every mom's favorite store - Target of course. So next time your wandering the aisles getting your latest starbucks fix head over to the toothpaste aisle.


You can feel good about your purchase too because Hello oral care is formulated without artificial sweeteners, dyes, or preservatives, hello products are never tested on animals – in fact they’re leaping bunny certified - and made in the USA. Hello is also clinically proven to prevent cavities and and strengthen enamel. So, great for everyday use and brighten up your day (and counter tops). 

ps. I was connected with Hello through Linqia. If you have an online community and want to connect with great brands learn more here


  1. We love this brand, kids & adults alike. Cute pics too. :)

    1. I can't wait to try all the "adult" flavors, but I can't make myself open more than one tube at a time!

  2. I hadn't heard of this brand, but I love that it's safe and made in the USA! I saw something recently about having a brushing song to make sure they brush long enough. It's something I want to try!

    1. There are toothbrushes that play songs or have flashing lights but J just talked through the flashing light one and then when it's close to the end he starts brushing. Too funny. We were always like "the lights one BRUSH!"

  3. I just might need to get some of this. My middle son has sensory issues and toothpaste is a huge problem for him. He might actually like these flavors!

    1. If he likes Green Apple candy or Bubblegum flavors he might be interested!

  4. How cute! I best Dustyn would love it. He has some sensory issues and hates brushing his teeth!

    1. I know he'd like the candy flavors. Like Green Apple or even the Bubblegum! I kind of wish the bubblegum wasn't in a PINK tube but I guess it doesn't really matter!


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