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T-Ball and other Big Boy Things

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It is officially T-Ball Season here in Mississippi and Jonah is playing for the first time. We've had a handful of practices, they have mostly been rained out, but the sun came out for Opening Ceremonies and our first game is on Thursday! Wesley's helping out as an Assistant Coach and it's a little funny to me to see him wearing that "P" on his hat. We decided to play in my hometown since we are in transition and the chance just kind of popped up when a friend told me they still had open spots for T-Ball. The next month is going to be busy, but I'm so glad Jonah is out there playing! After all, isn't this what we dream about as mom's of boys? 

I know he's only still three but it feels like he has lost so much of his toddler-ness over the past six months. I mean he still throws a nice tantrum daily and sometimes I pray for three to pass quickly, but seeing him at the bottom of a progression of boys from three years old to fifteen years old out on a baseball field makes me realize that even though the (tantrum filled) days are long, the years are oh so short. I have always been excited for this part and being on those fields makes me nostalgic for my own childhood, but I also feel like I just threw myself into a part of motherhood I've been trying to avoid. The part where I have kids. As in they go out and do things. They have obligations and friends outside of our family friends and family. They start writing their own story. I say they, but really Ezra has no part of this, he has to stay a baby forever! Just so we are clear! 

Maybe he'll like baseball, maybe he won't, and that's fine. We'll try soccer, basketball, gymnastics, guitar, piano lessons and maybe even singing and dancing. Whatever he wants to try, I'm okay with. We won't try to do it all, all the time because life is busy enough. We'll try to teach him about commitment and being a team player. We'll let him fail and be there for him when he does, but most of all we will celebrate his successes! We will have fun and make some good memories! I can't wait.

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