The Wilde Olive Blog: The really really good part of having a 3 year old.


The really really good part of having a 3 year old.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

 I hear myself, all the time, complaining about my three year old. His stubborn behavior, his unwillingness to compromise, his flat out disobedience and I admit it. I yell at him. I try not to, but sometimes he just can't won't hear me no matter how many times I gently remind him of something or try to let the behavior pass. Parenting is frustrating, disheartening, and exhausting. Sometimes you feel like a big ole failure, but then there are nights like last night.

Last night, my husband was out of town and it was just me and the boys at home. We made it through dinner, bath time, a little play time and wound up going to bed kind of late. We all three wound up in my bed and when I laid the baby down in his rock and play, I got THE BEST snuggles from my big boy. There was a little resistance to leave the toys alone, but he gave and laid his little head on my shoulder. He said he wanted to call his daddy. So, when he didn't answer it was a little heart breaking. His daddy usually puts him to bed and he was missing him big time. When you are that little one night seems like forever. He kept saying "I'm ready for daddy to come back home". So, I sent him a text to tell him we wanted to say goodnight. He called immediately and I did no talking. That little three year old spoke straight from his heart and told his daddy he missed him, he loved him, he was ready for him to come home and my heart melted and melted at that sweet little exchange. Then, I got more snuggles. Pure bliss I tell you.

Sometimes that fact that they can communicate their feelings is hard because you have to say no and explain why they can't have their way, but when their feelings are so genuine and sweet and soft-hearted it makes being three the most wonderful age yet. At one point while we were falling asleep he mentioned being scared. "I don't want anything to get me" he says often. To which I usually reply something reassuring, but last night I asked him if he wanted to pray and ask God to help him sleep well and he said "Mommy will you say a prayer to God?" and so I did. We pray and say our thank yous to God often, but something about the way he asked me last night was extra special. His heart is just so tender but he has this deeper understanding of the world than he did just a few months ago. So, in the times when he's hell bent on making me absolutely crazy, I'll try to remember nights like last night and cut him a little slack because that little heart is so tender and it won't be that way for long.

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.” - Dr Seuss 

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