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Ezra Oliver | 6 Months

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

About a week ago, Ezra turned 6 months old and these are the happiest of times! There is no denying the happiness of a baby half way to his first birthday. His smile and laugh are bigger than ever, not to mention those squish cheeks and thighs!


The day before Ezra's half birthday, I nursed him for the last time. It was kind of sad and I miss our special snuggle time, but he's happy that he can gulp down a 6 ounce bottle and be on his way. He no longer sits still for anything! He still eats every 2 to 2.5 hours and has tried a few solid foods. He initially LOVED the banana I gave him, then liked rice cereal, but has decided he doesn't really care for them anymore. We are going to keep trying though. So far he's had rice, banana, and I tried a little applesauce. I hope he's just not ready and not a picky eater! 


He typically goes down for the night around 8 o'clock and sleeps until around 5. He's been a little sick with a cold for the past week, so we are getting wake ups more often. He sleeps well in his crib now and loves his musical owl and his paci. I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but he used to wheeze a lot in his sleep and was very loud almost all night. He's grown out of that mostly, but it's funny that I kind of miss being able to listen for him when I wake up during the night. Although I'm sure it's easier for him to breathe not being so stuffy. 


You know he is a second child when you miss a well-baby check up and writing this just reminded to reschedule. I think he's about 17+ pounds and I'm sure he's grown in length from out last doctors visit, but maybe I'll update this when we actually go to the appointment! He's wearing mostly 6 month clothes still but can fit in 9 month most of the time too. I think he's squishiest now in his thighs and actually think his belly has slimmed up a bit from a month ago..or he's just gotten longer. He's still very broad around his chest and once he starts crawling will probably tackle his big brother. 


We haven't heard any attempts at words or even MaMa and DaDa but he sure does talk a lot! His favorite sounds are "hey" and a very high pitched "Aaahh". He can motor boat/spit with his lips which is hilarious. He LOVES to laugh. He can sit up well and only falls when he's reaching... reaching.. He's learned most of the time that he can get to his belly if he starts falling and is okay with that. He still rolls all over the place. Recently, he's started attempting to really get what he wants, even if that means his brother is holding it. He will scoot out of your arms and if he's watching big kids play, his hands and feet are running with them. He's so ready to be a big boy. Slow down little man. Slow down. Being able to run and wrestle isn't that great. ;)


Toys, big brother, sucking/gnawing on everything, laughing, watching Ari (our dog) do nothing - but it's still funny to Ezra, looking at himself in the mirror, selfies, my phone case (I know, but seriously), making us smile, he loves his grandparents and has started to recognize a difference in people he knows and faces he doesn't recognize. He smiles at everybody, but will quickly let you know when he's uncomfortable. 

Now that he's getting a little bigger and his hair is growing longer, slightly, you can really see his cow lick right in the front there. I'm sure he will grow to loathe it but you will never mistake his baby pictures for anyone else, because it's just so distinctly him.

I could seriously look at his little smile all day! Happy Half Birthday little man! We all love you to pieces!

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