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Master Bedroom/Nursery | Old House Tour

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I will probably always feel nostalgic and a little sad when I look back at these photos. I began sharing the rooms in our old Belhaven house before we moved but just didn't find the time to write what I wanted and what I was feeling, well now everything at the new house is in disarray and it will be a while before I start sharing photos of rooms put together, so we get to take a trip back to before the boxes rolled in and out.

These are just some quick shots I took of our master bedroom when we were putting the house on the market. Before I was even pregnant with Ezra, Wesley and I talked about not being ready to move Jonah to the other side of the house and we didn't want a new baby to share with big brother just yet, so we decided we'd share our room and make it nursery(ish) while maintaining what we needed in there too.

This was actually my favorite arrangement of this room! We added the crib (of course) and that beautiful upholstered glider while I was pregnant with Ezra. Please excuse the few things that are out of place.

We loved this room! It was nestled in the back of the house with so much light in the evening (except it got really warm/cold in there depending on the weather). I will treasure this house and our good memories there forever. 

There was so much joy and pain in this room where I didn't sleep while pregnant with my boys, where Jonah slept between us for so many nights, where I always had a mess and never enough room, where I took a kazillion photos of my little babies, where I nursed my newborns, and rocked the littlest to sleep. It's a magical room and I'll love it forever. 

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  1. Those curtains are amazing and your style is so clean and fresh (and I'm more than a little jealous of all that gorgeous light).


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