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Age Appropriate Chores + Eureka Sweepstakes!

Monday, May 11, 2015

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It's spring, we've moved into a new house, we now have a crawling baby and new carpet. These things alone would be enough to say we have to constantly clean the floor but let's add to that the post-pregnancy hair shed (long red hair at that) and the all white shedding dog! This makes for constant chores and I cannot wait for the day we have two little helpers we can bribe to help keep the house clean. The three and half year old has gotten pretty good a a few chores, but has a ways to go on most! So, I thought I'd implement a little chore system to get him started.

He's always want to "help" with certain things like laundry, wiping the table and cabinet fronts, feeding the dog, and even doing a little sweeping. Most of these things aren't really that helpful, but when he's doing them, we are spending time together and he feels apart of what we are doing. Now that he's 3, I want to come up with chores that are his to teach him a little responsibility (or at least plant the seed). I came up with this chore list for kids after asking around for some things other's let their children do to help around the house.
Age Appropriate Chore Chart Free Printable - open in new window - right click and save to print as an 8x10

I have dreams of them being old enough to help with things like dishes and vacuuming, but for now the adults will take care of those, but one thing is making my life so. much. easier. when it comes to cleaning all that hair and dog hair I mentioned earlier! Hello Eureka Brushroll Clean™ with SuctionSeal®! This vacuum is the bomb y'all. It was delivered last week and the next day my husband called while I was out running some errands to see if he could open it and I said sure (duh), when I got home, he couldn't stop talking about how good it was.

Then yesterday, (he and the baby) wanted to show me how it works and we picked up so much hair again. Then I used it on the bare floor in my bathroom and THAT'S where the real test is! It performed beautifully. 

Here's a little more information about my new best friend: The Brushroll Clean Technology® is helping us (and you) say goodbye to that tangled mess we've fought with scissors, razors, knives etc in the past just to get the brushroll clean and in working condition. This new self-cleaning brushroll removes tangles with the touch of a button found just next to the on/off button you control with your foot. 

Another great feature is the SuctionSeal® Technology with All-Surface Suction Plates™ Like I mentioned above we will be using it on our new carpet as well as the wood and tile floors. This concentrates airflow for deep cleaning suction power. As you move across carpet, hardwood or tile floors you can raise and lower the plates, which creates a seal to maximize airflow for powerful cleaning and without scattering dust and dirt. 

So, we are getting more dirt, dust and hair picked up (nice when you have a crawling baby with a hand to mouth habit) and we don't have to worry about chopping through the tangled mess the old vacuum created! I am impressed Eureka. I am. The Eureka Brushroll Clean™ with SuctionSeal® can be found at Walmart nationwide and is under $200. Now, can make dishwasher and towel folder that's this good? 

If you are like us and need all hands on deck to help keep your home clean this spring, print the chore list, and enter the sweepstakes for several chances to win cash and prizes from Eureka! 
Eureka #CleaningUntangled Sweeps!

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  1. How glorious! I STILL shed like I did postpartum (and my baby is almost 4!) so I can see why you love this so much!

  2. Great ideas! My boys definitely help us out around the house. I think it's so important for them to help out.

    I love that it helps with hair tangles. I usually end u killing my vacuums because of MY hair.

  3. This is great. Kids can do SO many chores. I actually have a post similar coming soon! :) But, a vacuum like that would be great to have too.

  4. That brushroll clean technology alone sounds amazing. I'm always digging out the scissors and cutting out all of my hair that has been trapped in the brush on our vacuum.

  5. Between the hair throughout the house and threads in the craft room, a vacuum like this would be a sanity saver!

  6. Between the hair throughout the house and threads in the craft room, a vacuum like this would be a sanity saver!

  7. I like eureka vaccum, very nice. Thanks for sharing with Hearth and soul blog hop.


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